How do I call Videotron from my cell phone?

For any questions regarding subscriptions, billing or service management, you can contact Videotron Customer Service from abroad by calling 611 from your cell phone (free service from abroad).

Is Videotron owned by Rogers?

By the start of the 21st century, Rogers Communications struck an accord with the Chagnon family to purchase Vidéotron.

What is my Videotron account number?

? This is a 12-digit number that appears on your invoice. You’ll find it in the upper right corner on your invoice, beside the billing date.

Is Videotron cable available in Ottawa?

Videotron has two retail locations in the Ottawa area, at the St. Laurent Centre and Place d’Orléans, with a third one set to open this summer at the Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Is Videotron a good mobile provider?

Overall, Videotron has great 4G LTE coverage in Quebec and elsewhere, thanks to operating on Rogers’ powerful network. Note that the Videotron coverage map below also includes Fizz’s coverage, as Fizz is a sub-brand of Videotron that operates on Videotron’s network throughout Quebec and Rogers’ network elsewhere.

What is Helix from Videotron?

Helix is Videotron’s new Internet, TV and home automation service. From its high-performance fibre Internet network, Helix offers you reliable Wi-Fi that meets all needs, connected TV (IPTV) that satisfies all viewing habits and, soon, home automation that will allow you to manage your smart home quickly and easily.

Which network does Videotron use?

Because Videotron runs on Rogers’ network when roaming, you’ll notice that Videotron and Rogers have the exact same coverage.

How do I check my Videotron balance?

You can check the balance of your latest invoice, as well as the amount and date of your previous payment, using our 24-hour automated telephone service: 1-866-380-2967.

Does Videotron operate in Ontario?

Videotron is a regional carrier based in the province of Quebec. Typically, this carrier services customers in Quebec and border regions of Ontario but thanks to the Rogers’ network, customers can receive excellent coverage throughout Canada.

Is Videotron Internet in Ontario?

Videotron Internet Plans & Pricing Serving both residential and business customers, it offers Internet, TV, telephone, wireless telephone, and other services in Quebec and francophone parts of New Brunswick and Eastern Ontario. It serves both residential and business customers.

Is Videotron reliable?

Bottom line. Videotron is a reputable Internet provider that offers high-speed Internet to residents of Quebec. Plans start at $60 per month plus taxes and go up from there, depending on how fast you want your Internet to be.