How do I become a guidance counselor?

Education Requirements. To become a guidance counselor, one should try to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It is important for a guidance counselor to obtain any type of certification that may be required by a school or state.

What should I major in to become a guidance counselor?

To become a guidance counselor, many states require that you have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in counseling or a related field, such as psychology, education or sociology. Some states also require a master’s degree.

How to become a guidance counselor?

Complete your bachelor’s degree. You must complete your bachelor’s degree through an accredited program to meet prerequisite requirements for becoming a guidance counselor.

  • Obtain your master’s degree. Most states require school counselors to have a master’s degree from an accredited program in school counseling or a related field.
  • Complete an internship. During your graduate education,you will be required to complete an internship to gain hands-on experience in the school counseling field.
  • Pass your state’s required exams. Many states and school counseling programs require you to pass a specific examination for certification or licensure.
  • Earn additional certifications. You may choose to earn additional certifications that help your resume stand out to potential employers.
  • Continue education. Depending on state requirements you may be required to maintain your licensure or certificate with continuing education classes.
  • What exactly do “career counselors” do?

    What Can A Career Counselor Help With? Take skills tests and assessments. – A career counselor can help you identify the right career field by administering skills tests and assessments. Investigate career options. – Career counseling can help you take a closer look at different career options. Develop a personal action plan.