How did Season 2 of the wire end?

In the closing montage, Nick mourns his uncle’s death by staring over the water near the docks; U.S. Marshals close the union hall; Johnny Fifty urinates on The Greek’s last container full of drugs and makes an obscene gesture at the watching cops; Pearlman prosecutes Eton and Horseface; Rawls and Landsman celebrate …

What happened to Frank on the wire?

Frank is last seen alive walking resolutely beneath a bridge to the rendezvous with The Greek, in a final effort to save his son. Frank’s body is found in the harbor the following day, with multiple stab wounds and his throat cut. Detectives remark that numerous defensive wounds indicate he died fighting.

Why did Kima get shot in the wire?

After D’Angelo Barksdale’s acquittal, Kima is assigned to the Avon Barksdale detail and made lead detective by Daniels. At the end of the season, Kima is shot and critically wounded in an undercover buy bust operation ordered by Deputy Commissioner Ervin Burrell.

What episode does Keema get shot?

Simon confirmed to Sepinwall that he had originally intended to kill Sohn’s character off the show when she was shot in the 10th episode of the first season.

Whats the best season of The Wire?

Despite its misgivings, season five of The Wire still goes out on top with a perfect series finale that ties together five seasons of themes and shows that Baltimore’s destructive cycle is destined to repeat itself.

What happens to Nick Sobotka on the wire?

Just before the meeting, the Greek learned that Frank had offered to testify against him, and he had the elder Sobotka killed. A grieving Nick turned himself in to the police, agreeing to become a witness against the Greek and his gang.

Why did Frank Sobotka get killed?

Originally, the Greek’s intention merely focused on securing Frank’s loyalty to his organization. However, when his inside man in the FBI, Kristos Koutris, tips him off to Sobotka’s informant status, his plans changed and Frank was murdered.

What happens to Ziggy on the wire?

Ziggy tells Frank that the union had always come before him, harkening back towards the memories they had shared previously on the docks. Ziggy is convicted of the murder and is last seen walking to his cell in a prison, serving out his sentence.

What happens to McNulty at the end of the wire?

McNulty is officially separated from his wife, who limits his contact with his two sons, Sean and Michael. While at the market with his sons one afternoon, McNulty spots Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale’s second-in-command, and sends his sons to tail him and get his license plate number.

What episode does Kima get shot the wire?

The Cost (The Wire)

“The Cost”
Episode no. Season 1 Episode 10
Directed by Brad Anderson
Story by David Simon Ed Burns
Teleplay by David Simon