How can I remove write protection from my USB flash drive?

Disable Write Protection Using Diskpart

  1. diskpart.
  2. list disk.
  3. select disk x (where x is the number of your non-working drive – use the capacity to work out which one it is)
  4. clean.
  5. create partition primary.
  6. format fs=fat32 (you can swap fat32 for ntfs if you only need to use the drive with Windows computers)
  7. exit.

How do I fix a write-protected flash memory?

Open Windows File Explorer, locate and right-click on the USB which is write-protected, and select “Property”. Step 3. Go to the General tab, uncheck “Read Only”, click “Apply” and “OK” to finish. After removing write protection on your USB or pen drive, you can directly access the device with ease.

How do I format a write-protected disk?

Right-click the disk that is write-protected and select “Format Partition”. 2. Choose your desired file system (ex: NTFS), and you can also set your other disk format preferences, such as partition label and cluster size.

How to fix SanDisk USB flash drive write protection not working?

Step 1:  DOWDLOAD and install EaseUS Tool M for free. Step 2: Run EaseUS Tool M on your PC, choose “Write Protection” mode. Step 3: Select the device which is now “Write-Protected” and click “Disable” to remove the protection. Connect your Sandisk USB flash drive or pen drive again,…

How to fix Kingston Pen Drive write protected memory card?

CMD command line in Windows DOS is one of the solutions to repair and fix write protected memory card or flash drive. Working as a write protected usb format tool, it can help you format Kingston pen drive and remove the write protection within simple steps. Step 1: Press “Windows + R” and enter cmd. Step 2: Type diskpart.

What does it mean when a USB drive is write protected?

However, a USB drive or pen drive may also become write-protected due to logical error, virus infection, or locked by third-party encryption software. With the write-protection status on the USB pen drive, you can’t format it and you’ll get a “The disk is write-protected” error message.

How to format a write-protected SD card after remove write protection?

EaseUS partition software, a powerful third-party disk partition management tool which works well to format USB flash drive or pen drive after removing write protection. Except for USB flash drive, the program also allows you to format a write-protected SD card when the write protection is removed. Here is the detailed guide.