How can I get TDS fiber?

Go to and make it happen! Limited-time offer. TDS Fiber Registration: By registering you agree to be contacted by TDS with updates and when fiber service is available at your home.

What kind of internet is TDS?

Spectrum and TDS Telecom are among the 2,661 internet service providers in the U.S. that offer high-speed internet plans. Spectrum is a cable provider while TDS Telecom offers DSL, cable, and fiber internet service….TDS Info.

Spectrum vs. TDS Comparison
Service Type Cable or Fiber DSL, Fiber, Cable or Copper

What does TDS cable stand for?

In 1969, LeRoy T. Carlson created Telephone and Data Systems. Through prudent acquisitions, TDS Telecom was formed and is comprised of telephone companies formed by local families, farmers, and co-ops to connect their communities to the world. Mr. Local communities welcomed TDS’ presence and technical acumen.

How can I contact TDS?

1 (855) 220-2592
TDS Telecom/Customer service

What is the cost of TDS fiber?

TDS Fiber Internet Plan Options

Internet plans Price Download speeds up to
1Gig $89.95 per month 1 Gbps
Extreme600 $69.95 per month 600 Mbps
Extreme300 $49.95 per month 300 Mbps
Extreme100 $44.95 per month 100 Mbps

Does TDS have a contract?

The Customer agrees to pay TDS the contract amount committed to under this Agreement, as well as all applicable taxes and fees. All invoices are due within 30 days from date of invoice.

Can I use my own router with TDS?

TDS-provided modems are pre-activated for service and fully supported by TDS Technical Support. If you are providing your own modem, you need to call TDS at 1-877-422-5282 to activate your Internet service. Please note: Modems not provided by TDS are not supported by TDS Technical Support.

Why is TDS internet so slow?

Some customers may receive lower than the indicated speed range. Speeds vary due to various factors, including but not limited to: distance from switching locations, network equipment, delivery technology, and external/internal network conditions.

Is TDS owned by Comcast?

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc, and is the seventh-largest local exchange carrier in the U.S. TDS Telecom offers telephone, broadband Internet and television services to customers in thirty states and more than 900 rural and suburban communities, though it also serves some urban …

Is US Cellular a TDS?

U.S. Cellular is founded as a cellular service subsidiary of TDS.

Can I email TDS?

Webmail: Gives you access to TDS Email via This is the recommended method for accessing TDS Email. You simply use any Internet-connected browser and go to From there, use your TDS Email Username and password to log in to your mailbox.

Why is TDS Internet so slow?