How can I get Rediffmail pro?

1. Place your order for Rediffmail Pro. on you existing DNS server. If you do not have a web site/email service hosted on your domain name, you can access the Rediffmail Pro DNS servers and begin using the email solution.

What is Rediffmail Pro account?

Rediffmail Pro is the business email solution for your business. With Rediffmail Pro, you get 5 email addresses (also referred to as IDs) for just Rs. 1,440 per year. These email IDs can be set up for employees or different departments such as [email protected] or [email protected].

How can I migrate Rediffmail to Rediffmail pro?

Simply mail us on [email protected] for assistance. How do I start using my Rediffmail Pro Account? We activate your Rediffmail Pro Account as soon as we receive your payment. Once your Account is activated, we will send your Rediffmail Pro Username and Password to your current email address.

How can I change my Rediffmail ID?

How can I make changes to my existing mail ID

  1. Login to Rediffmail account.
  2. Go to Profile Details.
  3. Change Display name.

Is Rediffmail good?

Rediffmail pro is a very good and user friendly software. easy to understand and use with respect to business use. Review collected by and hosted on

What is difference between Rediffmail and Rediffmailpro?

Rediffmail Pro offers you a bundle of powerful features like multiple email IDs, POP3 access, bigger storage, 10 MB attachment limit, anywhere web access and virus scan to help you and your employees communicate better. It’s lightning fast. After all Rediffmail Pro comes to you from Rediffmail!

Is Rediff mail good?

How can I delete my rediffmail account permanently?

There is no direct way to deactivate Rediffmail. The only way to delete the account is by being inactive for three months. After that, the mail account is removed from the system forever.

How can I remove my name from rediffmail?

To make any changes at any point in time, click on the ‘Edit’ link next to the person’s name. You can delete a person from your Address Book by clicking on the ‘Delete’ link next to the person’s name.

Why is Rediffmail so bad?

As compared to gmail and yahoo mails rediffmail is too bad. They provide very less function for there users. There are no storage option and many of function not available like you can not saved important mails, select all to delete option is not available. So, functionally it’s not good.