Fed Up With Chegg? Take A Look At These Websites

Chegg is a US based company that has been serving school and college students all over the world by helping them to buy new and used textbooks within their budget. They also let you borrow them for a specific amount of time. Moreover, they also help students to get the best tutors near them, help them with their home works and assignments, to review their papers, to check their grammar and plagiarism. Students can also find scholarships and internships there.

But with time, many websites are coming up with the same services. Some of them are mostly similar to Chegg but few others are better than it. With time, Chegg has been facing a lot of negative comments and reviews. Service users of Chegg are mainly facing issues with payment methods, content writing, pricing, and customer service support. As a result, these users search for the Best Chegg Alternatives to get their job done. Some of these websites don’t have all these services as Chegg but you can either try techniques to see chegg answers for free or try the below services.

Top 5 Best Alternatives for Chegg


It is an online textbook selling website. They try to find the exact textbooks which students want. They sell new and used books to students which can be purchased from any corner of the world. Bookfinder has thousands of booksellers to deliver textbooks to students. They sell their textbooks at a surprisingly low cost to suit everyone’s needs. And they also bear shipping costs, so that students can access their books at low prices. You can search for textbooks by ISBN to get the same edition on the platform.


PaperHelp is an educational website serving students all over the globe. They are one of the Best Chegg Alternatives. Students can give them guidelines about their assignments and PaperHelp tries to give them their papers within the deadline and sometimes before that. And if their work is not satisfactory, they will give the students’ payments back.

They also help them with plagiarism checking. Copying someone’s work can get you into trouble, so plagiarism checking can help students a lot. And you don’t need to worry about their privacy policy. PaperHelp doesn’t leak personal information to any companies and only give your paperwork after checking your ID. So you don’t need to worry about that.


It is a website that serves students by writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading their essays and term papers within a given deadline. They have many prolific writers and editors at their disposal and they are experts in their fields. As a student, you can get help for more than 25 subjects. And their website has a straightforward and user-friendly interface which won’t confuse you.


Skooli is a tutoring website. Oftentimes, students are stuck in their home works and assignments and they can’t have the proper guidance they need. Skooli is one of the best Chegg alternatives for this problem. They have hundreds of well-read tutors at their website and they choose them followed by some strict regulations. So, students can easily subscribe to them and get the proper guidance they need.

With their digital whiteboard and audio-visual equipment, their tutors can teach students at their best of ability. And students can have a monthly subscription pack and can also pay per hour. Their charge is standardized through every subject.


Grammarly is a cloud-based and offline service provider for checking your grammar mistakes. They have both free services and also subscription packs. You can register on their website and choose any one of them. They do a pretty good job of checking your term papers within a few minutes. They also have their keyboard for android users. You can check your grammar and spelling while writing your paper on the go.

You can also have their extensions added to your browser and Microsoft office to get the job done on a single click. With their premium service pack, you can choose your writing tone and whom you are writing for as well.


These are the best Chegg alternatives for those who are not satisfied with Chegg’s services and are searching for other service providers to replace it. Try out the given tools and you will have the best experience with these websites.