An interview from universities is just as important as your GPA, so it is advisable to shine during your meeting with your approval officer. We wish you success and college lists frequent mistakes Interview for you to avoid:


  1. Do not learn the answers to the questions by heart. If you think that the answers to possible questions to memorize is a good idea, think again. Despite the fact that it is good to be prepared, the answers should not play out of the memory or robot. Instead, possible answers to learn a kind of brainstorming, light up and make a discussion about you ready and the goals that you have.
  2. Not underwear. Despite the fact that it is not a talking conversation, you should go to sneakers and jeans. In the event that you show your favorite sweater little “skin, you can change to a more conservative, more apartments and a pencil skirt. Your goal is to impress the recording officer with your performances and knowledge, but not strange selection of clothes and casual.
  3. Do not bring your parents with you. Interviews can be an intimidating experience, but is not that fear and do not need to bring your mothers and dads. College is the time to become completely independent, and if you draw your mother with you in a room, you will see nothing but your availability for an adult life and independence.
  4. Do not leave your phone on. Today The use of technology is already a necessity, but it is a place and time for everything. Teenagers are famous for being glued on their smartphone, so it is advisable to stop the device during the interview turns you and others do not stop.

You are at a very interesting point in your life – at school you become an adult. Student life includes independence and freedom on the one hand, and responsibility for decisions and a high workload on the other. It is not easy, but be sure that the game is worth the trouble. In addition, there will always be people to help and support. Keep it up! Interviews are just happening in your life!