Don’t Skip These Things If You Have Migraine!

With several kinds of headaches, the most common type of headache is when you are in stress. On the other side, for people who have migraine can tell that migraine is much more intense than just a headache disorder. People may be sensitive to light, noise, smells, movement and also may note a variety of triggers for their migraines, especially in summer months.

There are various ways to treat it like medications and high-tech headband device which is FDA approved. However, some natural ways can also help you to head off the ache. What things should you keep in mind?

Let’s check out some of the things that you can follow to get relief from migraines and headaches.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration affects the body on every level and can cause anxiety and dizziness, which can further become a medical emergency. Keep track of your fluid intake and limit your consumption of alcohol and coffee. However, some people from Dr Cabin of The Migraine Institute has also experienced no pain when having coffee.

But,  carry a water bottle as sometimes migraine attack can be stopped by drinking a glass of water.

Do Not Skip Your Medications

It is essential to take your prescribed medicines timely. Every individual experience with migraine is different, let’s say, in some cases if the patient has taken prescribed drugs, it can itself cause more migraine headaches.

In that case, you should ask your doctor to learn how to come off with certain medicines. It will help the doctors to give you a proper diagnosis and start the best treatment plan. You can consult best doctors at the migraine institute who will help you to cope up with migraine triggers.

Keep A Check On Your Exercise Routine

Follow a specific workout routine as it will not only target your specific area but an overall body. When you do exercise, your body releases certain chemicals that block pain signals to your brain. This will also help reducing anxiety and pressure that can make migraines worst.

Obesity is also one of the reasons increasing the risk of chronic headaches, so having a healthy weight is beneficial for overall health and in managing migraines. However, make sure to do exercise that does not stress the migraine area like do not chew gum for a longer time as it stresses your jaws. You can also consult your doctor.

Take A Diet That You Are Prescribed

Maintain a healthy balanced diet and eat it at the same time. Avoid having too many gaps as fasting encourages the risk of migraines.

Consult your doctor what food you should take and what to avoid. If you experience sudden pain after having certain food like alcohol, caffeine, cheese, etc you need to skip all of these from your diet immediately.

Take Care Of Yourself In Changing The Weather

Hot weather and penetrating sunlight can be one of your worst enemies. Do not a long time in the sun as it can be a severe migraine trigger. It doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors, try hats that keep sunlight off your neck and upper chest.

Umbrellas are also a great way to avoid sunlight. You can also use a face mist and spray bottles of cold water on your face to cool down yourself.

Summer is a fun time to enjoy vacations with family and friends. Instead of sitting at home alone, you can take steps to minimize triggers and their impact. However, there is no single perfect way to avoid each headache, so you have to be a good observant of what steps suits you the best.