Does TomTom have truck routes?

The TomTom Routing API is one of the most advanced on the market and includes support for trucks and consumption models. In providing the most fuel-efficient, compliant routes, the API takes into account factors such as height, length, weight and cargo type.

Can I upgrade my TomTom to HGV?

You need to purchase a Large Vehicle device as Tomtom say they do not support the conversion of a Car unit to a Heavy goods Unit.

What navigation app do truckers use?

Google Maps Perhaps the best trucker GPS app, or at least certainly one of the most popular GPS apps for truckers, Google Maps is well-known, offers frequent updates, and allows you to explore hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and share information with other drivers. Google Maps is available on both iOS and Android.

What software does TomTom use?

It uses Mozilla XULRunner as platform which is being shipped with TomTom HOME.

How do I update my tomtom Trucker 600?

To update your TomTom by USB follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your MyDrive account.
  2. Plug your TomTom into your computer via USB.
  3. Go to Main Menu on your GPS.
  4. Go to Settings – Updates & New Items.
  5. Update as Required.

What’s the best HGV sat nav app?

Top 5 truck routing apps

  • 1) SYGIC. Sygic Truck Navigation is the most downloaded offline navigation app.
  • 3) WAZE.

What is the best truck nav app?

PTV Navigator PTV’s truck routing app packs several years of truck navigation experience in it. With the Android or IOS mobile app, you can: View and get driving guidance based on your truck dimensions, weight, and local truck restrictions. Avoid heavy traffic with its TomTom HD traffic information updates.

Is navigation system a software?

Navigation software for use on the water has many features in common with land-based GPS navigation software. It can use electronic navigation chart or raster charts, usually provides user ability to plan routes and set waypoints, and may have live GPS tracking capabilities.

Why choose a TomTom Go professional sat nav?

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a truck, bus, HGV or van, the TomTom GO Professional GPS sat nav will get you where you need to be safely and efficiently. With up-to-date tailored routes, backed by TomTom real-time traffic updates, you’ll never find yourself driving down dirt tracks or tight country roads.

Do trucker GPS navigation systems work?

Although any GPS will give you directions, you can’t simply pop the GPS from your car into your truck and expect it to safely get you where you need to go. Trucker GPS navigation systems offer additional features to improve driver experience and efficiency, and get you to your location safely and on time.

Do you need a computer to install TomTom navigation?

No computer needed. Your truck GPS navigation will notify you when new updates are available — simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network and choose what to install from the menu. Your TomTom GO Professional lets you stay connected and drive more safely with hands-free calling.

What is the best GPS app for truck drivers?

What Are the Best Apps for Truck Drivers? 1 1. Google Maps. Perhaps the best trucker GPS app, or at least certainly one of the most popular GPS apps for truckers, Google Maps is well-known, 2 2. Waze. 3 3. Trucker Path. 4 4. CoPilot GPS/CoPilot Mobile Navigation. 5 5. SmartTruckRoute.