Does the Forerunner 235 have virtual partner?

Just went to DC Rainmakers site, and in the comments on the first review of the 235, Ray confirms that there will be no virtual racer / virtual partner feature on the forerunner 235.

What is Garmin virtual partner?

Your Virtual Partner® is a training tool designed to help you meet your goals. You can customize the Virtual Partner to train (run, bike, other) at a target speed or pace. NOTE: Virtual Partner is not available in swim mode.

How do I unlock the keys on my Garmin Forerunner 310XT?

1. Press mode and simultaneously to lock the keys. 2. Press mode and simultaneously to unlock the keys.

Does Garmin Forerunner 45 have virtual partner?

The virtual partner available on the Forerunner 45 only shows you whether or not you’re ahead of or behind the pace you set, and you cannot race against your previous activity.

Is the Garmin 310XT right for triathletes?

When the Garmin Forerunner 310XT was announced earlier this spring, it represented the next logical evolution from the Garmin 305. It promised many of the features triathletes were looking for, while also promising to still appeal to the single-sport crowds of runners and cyclists.

How many questions does the Garmin 310XT ask you?

When you first power on the Garmin 310XT it starts by asking you a series of questions. The Garmin 305 did the same thing – though it only really asked three questions, Monty Python style. The 310XT however, asks more questions than a inquisitive three year old. Ten questions to be exact:

What can I do with the 310XT?

– Pace alerts via workouts: The 310XT offers the ability to set alerts for a variety of categories – such as HR and distance. These alerts serve to remind you (audibly and via vibration, as well as a visual reminder) that you have reached a specific goal (such as 2 miles), or are over/under a given HR specification.