Does Nexus 7 support OTG?

The Nexus 7 supports USB OTG out of the box unlike the previous generation Nexus 7. A standard adapter needed for the feature to work can be purchased separately.

Is the Nexus 7 a refurbished 2012?

Both my girlfriends and my Nexus 7s are refurbished 2012s. They both looked spotless and had perfect screens, and still do. The only thing I don’t like is that the speaker is on the back. A lot of tablets have them the same way. Its just – who sits behind the tablet?

What are the specs of the Google Nexus 7?

Asus Google Nexus 7 Released 2012, July. 340g, 10.5mm thickness 0.5% 6,832,430 hits 212 Become a fan 7.0″ 800×1280 pixels 1.3MP 720p 1GB RAM Nvidia Tegra 3 4325mAh Li-Ion

Does the Google Nexus 7 have a cellular network?

Asus Google Nexus 7 Network Technology No cellular connectivity Network 2G bands N/A Network GPRS No Network EDGE No Network

What kind of hard drive can I use with the OTG?

You can use a small flash drive or 4TB hard drive plugged right into the OTG cable. *The bigger the drive the longer the wait on accessing the drive.