Does Midway Airport have a parking garage?

The terminal garage at Midway International Airport is conveniently located adjacent to the terminal building and includes both hourly and daily parking. Daily parking is located on Levels 2 – 6 of the garage. Remember to make note of which level​ you parked your vehicle upon exiting the garage.

Where do you park when flying out of Midway Airport?

There’s one option for long-term parking at Midway Airport: the Economy Parking Lot and Garage. The Economy Parking Lot is situated west of the Daily Parking Lot. The Economy Parking Garage is located northwest of the terminal, just west of the Economy Parking Lot.

How much is garage parking at Midway?

Daily garage parking​ is located on Levels 2 – 6. Hourly parking is meant for short stays at the airport when close access is needed….Payments are made to the cashier upon exiting the lots.

Time Range Rate
0 minutes to 1 hour $4.00
1 to 2 hours $8.00
2 to 3 hours $12.00
3 to 4 hours $16.00

Does Midway Airport have valet parking?

We make things EZ. At arrival, feel free to have our parking attendant valet your car or park it yourself. Either way our staff are ready to assist you with your luggage. Our low economy parking rates beat the competition.

Is Midway economy parking Safe?

Our well-lit lots are an effective thief deterrent, providing you with peace of mind. Furthermore, our parking facility is securely fenced in. Without easy access or any shadows or dark corners to hide in, thieves and vandals tend to steer clear.

What is Midway Airport address?

The address of Chicago Midway Airport Contact is 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What hotels are near Midway?

Know Before You Go: Chicago Midway International Airport. Over 21 Million passengers fly through Midway Airport each year. Several hotels are located within the vicinity of Chicago Midway, including Hampton Inn, Chicago Marriott, Carlton Inn Midway and more. Power stations are available with an AC outlet to charge your device.

What is economy parking?

Economy Parking is low cost parking at its best. All the parks are secure and if you choose to Park & Ride there are frequent shuttles to and from the terminals making it a great choice for short or long trips away.