Does McKinsey have a Toronto office?

We are among the firm’s most diverse offices serving clients in sectors ranging from financial services to natural resources to telecommunications. Opened in 1968, our office has been a hotbed of innovation in the firm ever since.

Do you need MBA for McKinsey?

‘, the short answer is no – you do not have to have an MBA to break into McKinsey. You may not have to go to business school to get an interview with The Firm, but an MBA is still the best way to break into McKinsey.

What did McKinsey do wrong?

The firm faced criticism after a report revealed that consultants had discussed destroying documents related to the opioid business and proposed that a drugmaker pay its distributors rebates for overdoses.

What is it like to work at McKinsey Canada?

McKinsey Canada looks for exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential in problem solving and leadership. We seek curious, driven, and accomplished leaders who want to achieve challenging goals and have long-lasting impact on our clients, the firm, and the world.

Can You Make your own McKinsey?

Make Your Own McKinsey. A career that fits your calling. Problem solvers and creative thinkers. Engineers and new business builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference.

Who is John John at McKinsey?

John came to McKinsey after spending more than 20 years in industry, working in supply chain, engineering, and manufacturing with corporations such as Unilever and Nestlé. He is now a leader in our Implementation Practice and part of our Sydney office.

Does McKinsey offer instant message interviews?

None of these offers are legitimate, and McKinsey’s recruiting process never involves interviewing via instant message, nor requires candidates to purchase products or services, or process payments on our behalf. Already started your application? Sign in here.