Does B&H have a rewards program?

The B&H Rewards Program (“Program”) applies only to products listed as participating in this Program on the B&H Foto & Electronics Corp. (“B&H”) website (“Qualifying Products”). Customers purchasing Qualifying Products will receive points equal to the percentage of the purchase price (“Rewards”).

How do I check the balance on my B&H gift card?

Call B&H Photo’s customer service phone number, or visit B&H Photo’s website to check the balance on your B&H Photo gift card.

How do I use a B&H coupon?

Where Do I Enter The Coupon On BHPhotoVideo?

  1. Add a qualifying product to your shopping cart.
  2. Click the GO TO CART link. Operating mostly through its online store, the brand conducts B2B sales as well as online consumer sales, with one physical store located in NYC.

Can you use multiple cards on B&H?

Customers making purchases on the B&H website can now make a split payment with multiple credit cards, a useful feature for those with limited credit on their individual cards. You’ll receive an email (up to 45 minutes) after completing your order, indicating that your order is ready for pickup at the B&H SuperStore.

Is B&H on Rakuten?

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Does B&H offer military discount?

There is no official B&H Photo military discount. However, you may receive free shipping and special discounts on select items by contacting B&H Photo Live Chat and informing them that you are active-duty or former military. You can contact B&H Photo customer service here.

Does B&H accept American Express?

We accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Is BH Payboo card worth it?

The Payboo credit card can lead to some serious savings. In short, users are reimbursed the sales tax they pay with each purchase by B&H. Because B&H handles the transactions, there’s no need to keep files of your B&H purchases for tax purposes.