Do I need footings for a greenhouse?

A permanent greenhouse requires a footing, or foundation, to ensure it stays in place during high winds and to allow water to drain away instead of creating stagnant pools underneath the plants. Several different types of footing will create a solid greenhouse floor.

How deep should a footing be for a greenhouse?

You can excavate the ground around the perimeter of the greenhouse to create a strong foundation. Dig out a spade’s width to a depth of 5-6ins around the edge. Fill the bottom 3-4ins with rubble, hardcore, stones etc. and crush it in.

What foundation do I need for a greenhouse?

By far the most practical and durable foundation for any greenhouse is a solid concrete base. A good option for large greenhouses and can be set above ground level quite easily.

Do I need a concrete base for a greenhouse?

You can put a greenhouse down on any hard and level surface such as concrete or slabs. The only problem with a concrete base is that of drainage or distinct lack of it! Water needs somewhere to run off to and with concrete bases unless a slight slope is built in it can sit and create puddles.

Should a greenhouse have a concrete floor?

Greenhouse floors need to have excellent drainage. Floors can be made of concrete, stone slabs, brick, sand or even dirt. Gravel floors provide excellent drainage and can be used in conjunction with a weed barrier to keep weeds from growing up through the rocks.

Do greenhouses need a base?

Do I need a metal base with my greenhouse? The answer is in most cases is yes. Traditionally greenhouse frames were built onto a little brick wall or plinth about one or two bricks high.

Does a greenhouse need a concrete base?

What base do I need? Depending on the location you’ve chosen for your new greenhouse you may need to put a new base in place. Greenhouses can be placed on Slabs, concrete or bare earth depending on your preference. When laying slabs it’s essential to make sure that they’re laid onto a good level surface.

Can I put my greenhouse on soil?

Placing your greenhouse directly onto soil If you want to plant straight into the soil in your greenhouse or simply can’t be bothered with building a slab base you can always place it directly onto soil.

Do I need to anchor my greenhouse?

If you want to avoid your greenhouse blowing away in the wind, you will have to make sure it is properly anchored to the ground. There is a range of available fixing options including concrete slabs, ground anchor plates, base plates or screw anchors.

What is a greenhouse base plinth?

A greenhouse base has 2 parts. First is the plinth. This raises the greenhouse a few centimetres above ground level. Next comes the actual flooring of the greenhouse. Popular options are concrete slabs or a central path of slabs with a soil border either side of it.

How do you anchor a greenhouse on concrete?

Set up concrete slabs or a foundation and secure the greenhouse with stud bolts, base plates or using an H-type post anchor. 6. Take sharpened round stakes coated with tar and drive them into the ground to form different anchoring points.

What size surface footer do I need for my greenhouse?

For a freestanding greenhouse with a knee wall (a brick or cinder block wall that stands roughly knee high), a 12” x 12” surface footer is required to support the weight of the knee wall and prevent cracking of the cement pad.

Do you need a permit for a greenhouse footing?

You may need to obtain a permit for this type of foundation. Another method for creating greenhouse footing uses concrete blocks. After pouring a concrete base, create a low wall around the perimeter of the greenhouse area. The greenhouse is built on top of this low wall, giving the appearance of a half-wall building with a greenhouse on top.

How many footings does a greenhouse foundation have?

The greenhouse foundation design resembles a frost protected deck footing. I’ll explain the concept and then follow up with step by step photos. There are six 8″ concrete tube footings (one at each corner and one midway down each of the 20 foot sides).

Does the ground have to be level for a greenhouse?

The ground has to be level so that the greenhouse isn’t crooked. This is not the strongest foundation but it will surely save you money. It is best for temporary greenhouses or those that are less than 8ft x 10ft (unless it comes with the proper foundation frame, such as Hoklartherm’s Riga greenhouses ).