Do Charvel guitars have thin necks?

I have a RR1 and a MIJ San Dimas…the neck profiles are pretty much as you described: Charvel = “thin but narrow and round” and Jackson = a bit chunkier but “wide and flat”.

How thin are Charvel necks?

It’s just a fairly thin C shape, like a slightly thinner Strat neck. About . 790/. 890 in thickness at 1st/12th.

Does Charvel use stainless steel frets?

Few higher end Jackson and Charvel guitars use them. Agile Semi-Custom guitars have an option for stainless-steel frets, Chapman Pro series guitars have them and so do the higher end EVH guitars. Few Ibanez RG series guitars use them too.

Where are Charvel San Dimas guitars made?

Up until 1985, these “San Dimas” guitars were custom made in the USA, but in 1986, production was moved to Japan, and the still solidly made Charvel “Model” series imports were introduced. The Charvel brand was eventually sold to this same Japanese manufacturer in 1989, and they were quiet for most of the ’90s.

What is a charvel speed neck?

The Charvel neck is the heart of the guitar; there can be no disputing this fact. These necks are known for their feel; generally thin, fast necks with radiused fretboard edges, a relatively flat fretboard contour, and Dunlop “Jumbo” 6100 fretwire.

What shape is the charvel speed neck?


Neck Material Quartersawn Maple
Neck Shape Speed Neck with Rolled Fingerboard Edges
Neck Binding None – Rolled Fingerboard Edges
Scale Length 25.5″ (648 mm)
Fingerboard Radius 12″-16″ Compound Radius (304.8 mm to 406.4 mm)

Where are charvel DK24 made?

Born on west coast soil, the USA DK24 is meticulously built by the Charvel team at the Custom Shop in Corona, California, so nothing about this high-performance axe is overlooked.

Does Ibanez use stainless steel frets?

Also keep up with the thread, Ibanez already does stainless steel frets on the new AZ guitars and quality control issues on the Premium guitars have already shown up as a problem due to the tooling of said frets.

What Charvel guitars are made in the USA?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation acquired Charvel in 2002, and the brand entered a renaissance with several USA-made “San Dimas” models which were named to recapture the original association of the Charvel name with high-quality, American-made professional guitars.