Do Aigle boots fit true size?

They fit me very nicely WITH a pair of thick Meindl socks. My advice would be to try a pair on, if you can, but if you intend to wear them with thick socks then go for your actual size.

Where are Aigle wellies made?

Master Rubber craftsman since 1853, Aigle manufactures part of its boots by hand in France. Thanks to experience founded on tradition and technology, each day Aigle fulfils its promise of protection and comfort.

Are Aigle wellies wide fitting?

Aigle has different types of wellies and rain boots with various widths, making them suitable for people with larger calves. The range you will find below all feature straps or adjustment systems that make these boots perfect suitable as wide leg wellies.

Are Aigle wellies French?

Aigle Wellington Boots Established in 1853, the iconic French brand has since become renowned worldwide for their incredibly capable collection of rubber footwear, fast becoming a world leader in quality rubber boots.

What makes the Aigle parcours 2 ISO different?

If you’re looking for something a little warmer, take a look at the Aigle Parcours 2 Iso. The upper is crafted from a GOMMA PLUS® compound, which is specially formulated to give long term resistance to natural ammonia, ozone and storage related ageing.

What is the Aigle parcours ankle fitting?

The complete Aigle Parcours range features a narrow ankle fitting which offers both support and retention to the feet whilst walking.

What is the parcours 2 ISO?

The Parcours 2 ISO is a deluxe welly with an adjustable calf fitting and a 4.5mm neoprene lining. The Parcours 2 ISO is the ultimate welly for the winter and for those who suffer with cold feet. The ISO is a popular choice for dog walkers (it has a fitted ankle to hold the foot firmly while walking), horse owners and sports spectators.

What size are Aigle warm walking welly boots?

Classic Warm Walking Welly Boot by Aigle FOOT SIZE CALF FIT HEIGHT 42 / UK 8 410mm 400mm 43 / UK 9 415mm 400mm 44 / UK 9.5 420mm 400mm 45 / UK 10 425mm 410mm