Can you track your dog with Pawscout?

Our Bluetooth-enabled Pawscout Tag uses short-range, radar-style tracking to ping nearby Pawscouters if your pet becomes lost. Just like a traditional pet tag, you can customize it with your own design and all your important contact info.

Does Pawscout have GPS?

Having more Pawscouters in your area helps you keep tabs on your pet. To best protect your pet, ask friends, family members, neighbors, and caretakers to install the Pawscout App. Although your Tag does not include GPS, the Pawscout App relies on the Bluetooth and Location Services of your phone to function properly.

How do I know if my Pawscout is working?

The Pawscout App will alert you when your battery is low. Also, if you push the raised button on the front of the Pawscout Tag and fail to see a blinking light (it’s quick and easy to miss, so test it in a dark location), it is time to replace the battery.

How far does Pawscout?

300 feet
WALK DIARY & MEDICAL PROFILE: Using Bluetooth technology, the Pawscout Tag sends out a beacon that extends 300 feet in all directions & tells you whether your pet is within this “cone of safety,” making it ideal for keeping tabs on your pet when you’re in the yard or out on an adventure.

How do you record walks on Pawscout?

Pawscout Walks

  1. You asked; we listened.
  2. To use the walk feature, you need:
  3. Go to your pet’s profile in the app, select Tag & Actions, then Start Walk.
  4. When you’re done, don’t forget to select End Walk in Tag & Actions.
  5. If you save your walk, you can post it to your favorite social media channels.

How do I activate Pawscout?

Setting Up Your Pawscout

  1. Download the App. First thing’s first: Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Pawscout App on your smartphone.
  2. Enable Location Services.
  3. Create Your Pet’s Profile.
  4. Check Your Battery.
  5. Pair Your Tag.
  6. Attach Your Tag.
  7. Still haven’t found the answer you’re looking for?

Why is my Pawscout blinking white?

It’s okay to see a white or blue light. If the tag blinks white, it will always show as white. Some of the most common interferences are wireless speakers, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lighting (mainly frequencies that emit 2.4 GHz). Also, be sure you do not have other Pawscout Tags or smartwatches nearby.

What is the Pawscout virtual leash?

Virtual Pet Leash allows you to set up a virtual perimeter between you and your pet. It is intended for outdoor use when you and your pet are outside. You must be within 300 feet of your pet to enable this feature. On the My Pets screen of the Pawscout App, select Enable Leash in your pet’s section.

How do I connect my Pawscout to my phone?

However, if you need to pair a Pawscout Tag for a pet that shows doesn’t have one, it’s easy: Select the pet from the My Pets screen. Choose Open Profile. Select Pair Tag….Adding your first pet & tag

  1. ENABLE Bluetooth.
  2. Location ALLOWED.
  3. Notifications ALLOW.

Why is my Pawscout not working?

Pawscout Tags are unable to pair if the App detects your battery is too low. In replacing your Pawscout battery, please be sure the chip that holds the battery is not dislodged.

Is pawscout a good Bluetooth pet tracker?

As suggested in the previous section of this Pawscout review, in terms of features, Pawscout does rather well for a Bluetooth pet tracker. It does not only keep track of your pet’s location but also provides handy extra tools that can enhance your Pawscout experience.

How does the pawscout app work?

Pawscout’s App makes it easy to enlist local pet lovers in the search, and our Bluetooth-enabled Tag alerts users when a lost pet is nearby. A detailed medical profile helps pet heroes care for your furry BFF until you can be reunited. Build your local network of pet owners and pet lovers with Pawscout’s social tools.

What is a pawscout smart pet tag?

Pawscout smart pet tag is a Bluetooth pet tracker created by Pawscout, Inc., a US-based company launched in 2015. It is a community-powered pet tracking solution that allows you to locate your pet with the help of its growing family of users. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and boasts a greater communication range than most Bluetooth pet trackers.

What is pawscout outdoor virtual pet leash?

OUTDOOR VIRTUAL PET LEASH: The outdoor virtual pet leash in the Pawscout App enables you to receive instant notifications when your pet strays from the yard, park or other outdoor areas. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We want you and your pets to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.