Can you see the flag on the Moon telescope?

Yes, the flag is still on the moon, but you can’t see it using a telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope is only 2.4 meters in diameter – much too small! Resolving the larger lunar rover (which has a length of 3.1 meters) would still require a telescope 75 meters in diameter.

Can you see the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter with a telescope?

Not even the Hubble Space Telescope can discern evidence of the Apollo landings. The laws of optics define its limits. No problem for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which can dip as low as 31 miles (50 km) from the lunar surface, close enough to image each landing site in remarkable detail.

Which countries have flags on the moon?

China becomes second nation to plant flag on the Moon

  • China has planted its flag on the Moon, more than 50 years after the US first planted the Stars and Stripes there.
  • The pictures from China’s National Space Administration show the five-starred Red Flag holding still on the windless lunar surface.

How big is the US flag on the moon?

Six of the flags (including one for Apollo 13 which was not planted on the Moon) were ordered from a government supply catalog and measured 3 by 5 feet (0.91 by 1.52 m); the last one planted on the Moon was the slightly larger, 6-foot (1.8 m)-wide flag which had hung in the MSC Mission Operations Control Room for most …

Can you see the Moon buggy from Earth?

A common question is whether the Apollo 11 landing site on the Moon can be seen from Earth. Unfortunately the landing craft are too small to be seen by even the largest Earth-based telescopes, but you can still see the spot where the Lunar Module touched down on 20 July 1969.

How big is the LRO?

Developed at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, LRO is a large (1,916 kg/4,224 lb) and sophisticated spacecraft. Its mission duration was planned for one year, but has since been extended numerous times after review by NASA.

What is the Apollo Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera?

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera images of each Apollo site taken at roughly the same orientation but with different sun angles to show the travel of shadows.

Do the American flags still stand on the Moon?

Now, lunar scientists say the verdict is in from the latest photos of the moon taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC): Most do, in fact, still stand. “From the LROC images it is now certain that the American flags are still standing and casting shadows at all…

Did the Apollo astronauts plant flags on the Moon?

Each of the Apollo missions to the Moon planted an American flag in the soil. By studying photos of the Apollo landing sites taken at different times during the day, scientists observe shadows circling the points where the flags are thought to be.

What can we learn from NASA’s Lunar Orbiters?

Credit: NASA/Charlie Duke. LRO was designed to produce the most detailed maps yet of the lunar surface. Not only did the spacecraft image the Apollo sites, but it captured details like the Lunar Module descent stages, rover tracks, and now the American flags.