Can you reuse shock mounting hardware?

Hardware is brand specific (unless you swap bushings) so if you get a Fox/Marzocchi rear shock be sure to get Fox hardware. This also means that if you are replacing your stock Fox Shock (like a DPX2) Marzocchi Bomber CR, you can totally just reuse your old hardware as long as it’s not damaged!

What is Fox trunnion mount?

A Trunnion mount shock mounts the shock body directly to the linkage – there are two threaded holes on the shock body and linkage bolts thread directly into them. A Trunnion mount shortens the overall eye-to-eye length of the shock while allowing it to have the same amount or more, of shock stroke.

What is a shock eyelet?

LV eyelets are an option on FLOAT shocks and standard equipment on all FLOAT X shocks. The LV eyelet offers similar positive air volume to the XV sleeves, but does this at a lighter weight and with better cooling. The LV sleeve is the lowest volume air sleeve that can be used on an LV shock.

Are Fox and rockshox mounting hardware the same?

Fox hardware uses the poly IGUS bushing, but much older Fox hardware uses a steel bushing. RockShox hardware is about the same, but just uses one spacer with an integrated o-ring on each side, and a metal DU bushing.

Can you use rockshox hardware on a Fox shock?

Thankfully, Rockshox and Fox mounting hardware are cross compatible, but there’s a few differences that need to be noted before you simply purchase Fox hardware for a Rockshox shock. 1) Rockshox shocks will typically come with Rockshox hardware, using a DU bushing that has been pressed into the shock’s eyelet.

What shock hardware do I need?

One way to measure the width of the shock hardware is to measure the distance between the shock mounting tabs on the frame of the bike. To get the same measurement, you may also measure the width across the shock eyelet. Lastly, to find the shock bolt diameter, measure the inner diameter of the hardware eyelet.

How is Fox mounting hardware measured?

Can you mount a motorcycle shock upside down?

Yes, you can mount them upside down or even sideways.

Do Fox shocks come with bushings?

These shocks come with eyelet bushings that are too long, and designed for a different vehicle, FJs I believe. The first step is to pull those long bushings out. Fortunately, they are too long and not too short, so you can grab them with some long pliers or channel locks and just pull.

What is the bolt size on a Fox shock mount?

Item Specifications Bolt Mount Diameter 8 Frame Mount Width 22.2 FOX 9-Piece Alloy Mounting Hardware Kit Rear Shock Mount Kit UPC: 821973390864 Standard Steel Springs in a wide variety of spring weights and travel. The 35 mm/1.385″ Internal diameter also fits DVO, MRP and X-Fusion shocks.

Why choose foxfox Shox 5-piece stainless shock mounting hardware Ki?

Fox Shox 5-Piece Stainless Shock Mounting Hardware Ki features redesigned main contact point of shock and frame to offer improved performance.

What are the different types of eyelet hardware for Fox shocks?

Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. There are 5 styles of eyelet hardware for FOX shocks: 2-piece reducer, 3-piece pin and sleeve, 5-piece flanged bushing, Bearing Mounting Hardware, and 7-piece Crush Washer Hardware.

What are the specs of the RockShox rear shock kit?

Item Specifications Bolt Mount Diameter 8 Frame Mount Width 22.2 FOX 9-Piece Alloy Mounting Hardware Kit Rear Shock Mount Kit UPC: 821973390864 RockShox Rear Shock Full Service Kits RockShox Full Service Kits Rear Shock Service Kits UPC: 710845848551