Can I wear jeans at Eddie V?

Business casual is always safe, you will feel comfortable in that or in a jacket and tie and to be honest I typically wear nice jeans, button down or sweater and I have been many many times. Coat and tie are not required, but a coat and nice shirt with pants or dark colored jeans would be appropriate for men.

Can you wear shorts at Eddie V’s?

Casual nice. I have been at Eddie V’s many times wearing shorts and a Polo shirt during the Summer months and I felt perfectly at ease, but feel more comfortable wearing trousers at this time of the year. Casual would be fine.

What do you wear to Eddie Merlot’s?

We do not have a formal dress code however, we do recommend business to business casual attire. Some people will be dining in full suits while others will be in khaki pants and a polo shirt.

Is Eddie V’s expensive?

Eddie V’s Prices. The food and drinks in Eddie V’s may be more expensive than your usual fast-food and fast casual restaurants but their excellent quality makes every cent worthwhile.

How much do servers make at Eddie V’s?

Average Eddie V’s Host/Server hourly pay in the United States is approximately $23.69, which is 94% above the national average.

Is there a dress code for Eddie V?

Is there a dress code? Yes, to promote a family friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, we consider gym attire, sweatpants, hats, clothing with offensive languages or images, and exposed undergarments too casual for our restaurants.

What is the dress code for Eddie V’s?

Does Eddie V’s have a dress code?

How much is a tomahawk steak at Eddie V’s?

It is an ala carte steak house, so in addition to the $85 tomahawk steak – which very impressive and I would definitely recommend, the sides probably added $20-25.

What is Eddie V’s?

If you’re looking for a stylish and sophisticated fine dining experience, join us at Eddie V’s in Dallas, TX. Dishes are artistically prepared and feature an ever-changing array of seasonal seafood, along with critically acclaimed prime steaks, hand-carved and broiled to perfection.

What is appropriate attire for Eddie v’s Fort Worth?

What is appropriate attire for Eddie V’s Fort Worth? Problem with this question? Honestly there is no dress code aside from looking nice and presentable. I’ve seen people in almost everything (even shorts in the summer).

What is Prime Seafood at Eddie V’s?

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood brings an experience filled with Seafood, Steaks and Rhythm, with a menu emphasis on top of the catch prime seafood creations, USDA prime beef and chops, and fresh oyster bar selections.

What is the dress code for the restaurant?

Coat and tie are not required, but a coat and nice shirt with pants or dark colored jeans would be appropriate for men. Casual chic for women. This is a very nice restaruant in all areas, from decor to food to service. Business casual would be a term I would use to describe dress for both men and women.