Can I fall in love with my best friend?

Falling in love with a friend does not happen for everyone, but it definitely can happen. It’s certainly common for close friends to love one another in a platonic friendship way, but that does not mean that great friendships will always develop into romantic feelings or falling in love.

Do guys usually fall for their girl best friend?

It found that men — whether attached or single — were more likely to be attracted to their female friends and want to go on a date with them than the other way around. Put simply, it means that given half a chance, most men would jump at the opportunity of having sex with their female friends.

Are there any country songs about friends falling in love?

Below are a collection of country songs about friends falling in love. Whether you’re in love with a friend and are afraid to tell them, married to your best friend already, or were childhood sweethearts destined to be together, you’ll find just the right words in these four country songs featured in the videos above.

What are some songs about falling in love?

Lucky is one of those songs about falling in love with your best friend. It talks about the good times you can get when you are with your best friend. It takes away the negativity, the tension and pressure in life. You will feel lucky to meet such a great person and even fall in love with them. 2. Terrified – Katharine McPhee

Is it possible to fall in love with your best friend?

Sometimes the best type of love we experience is the one we share with a friend who turns into a lover. In this carefree, summery song, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat express their gratefulness at fall in love with their best friend.

What is the meaning of the song best friend by BTS?

This song is about a girl who has had a long-time crush on a boy who views their relationship as mere friends. He confides in her about his newfound love all the time, never knowing that his ‘best friend’ loves him. Do they get together in the end? Well, I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the video.