Can a splenectomy be done laparoscopically?

Splenectomy is most commonly performed using a tiny video camera and special surgical tools (laparoscopic splenectomy). With this type of surgery, you may be able to leave the hospital the same day and recover fully in two weeks.

What is a laparoscopic splenectomy?

Laparoscopic splenectomy (LS) is the gold standard procedure to remove the spleen in elective patient (1), but remains a very delicate procedure due to fragility of parenchyma and capsule of the spleen and its close connections with stomach, pancreas and colon.

How long does it take to recover from a laparoscopic splenectomy?

Those who have a laparoscopic splenectomy are usually sent home sooner. It will take about four to six weeks to recover from the procedure. Your surgeon may tell you not to take a bath for a while after surgery so the wounds can heal.

What is the code for laparoscopic splenectomy?

CPT® 38129, Under Laparoscopic Procedures on the Spleen.

How long can you live after splenectomy?

The median actuarial survival after operation was 51 months. Although the series of patients is small, it seems that splenectomy did not have an adverse effect on life expectancy. The haematological status and the quality of life improved after splenectomy in 17 of 19 patients.

Would the splenectomy be reported separately from the repair code?

Code 38100, total splenectomy, is a separate procedure code. Therefore, it is not reported if another procedure is completed.

Can you drink alcohol after a splenectomy?

Do not drive or drink alcohol for 24 hours after your surgery.

Can a spleen grow back?

Spleen can regenerate through various mechanisms. Autotransplantation of splenic tissue after traumatic disruption of the splenic capsule is well recognized. Splenic tissue can lodge anywhere in the peritoneal cavity following traumatic disruption and regenerates under favourable conditions.

Is it possible to have laparoscopic surgery on a large spleen?

When the size of the spleen is extremely large, it is difficult to perform the laparoscopic technique. Sometimes, plugging the artery to the spleen right before surgery using special X-ray technology can shrink the spleen to allow the laparoscopic technique.

What are the indications for laparoscopic splenectomy?

In some cases, splenic abscesses and splenic cysts are indications for laparoscopic splenectomy. Diagnosis. An evaluation typically includes a complete blood count (CBC), a visual look at the blood cells placed on a glass slide called a ‘smear’, and often a bone marrow examination.

What is OPSI (overwhelming post splenectomy infection)?

Overwhelming infection that occurs after splenectomy is called OPSI or Overwhelming Post-Splenectomy Infection. OPSI is a result of not having a spleen to fight certain bacterial infections. Immunization is usually given before you have your spleen removed and is one method to help the body fight and prevent infection.

How should I prepare for my spleen removal surgery?

Immunization with a vaccine to help prevent bacterial infections after the spleen is removed should be given two weeks before surgery, if possible. Blood transfusion and/or blood products such as platelets may be needed depending on your condition. It is recommended that you shower the night before or morning of the operation.