5 Online Marketing Trends

At the rate technology changes, it is no wonder that what was a trend two years ago or even two months ago has become old news. Online marketing is all about embracing those changes and using the trends to your advantage while you can. Here are 5 online marketing trends that continue to survive and will certainly become more pivotal in the future:


Although blockchain is still an up-and-coming technology, it is becoming more significant in everyday transactions. Despite being a commodity, blockchain is making the internet more secure. More SEO experts are integrating blockchain technology into their marketing tactics, beginning with keeping backlinks valid. While it is still a bit early to predict how blockchain is going to affect ecommerce and other industries, you can begin implementing blockchain today.

Video Optimization

In a world that seeks instant gratification, no one wants to read much anymore—not when a video can tell you everything you need to know in less time. Videos are an increasingly popular medium for entertainment, information, and attracting traffic to websites. If you have not jumped aboard yet, you should start creating videos discussing written content and other news for your website or YouTube channel.

Artificial Intelligence

There is no need to fear the rise of robots in the near future. In fact, we have hundreds of reasons to welcome artificial intelligence. AI is becoming a huge trend in SEO and online marketing, because it makes life easier. With technology like RankBrain, Siri, Alexa, and more, the way people gather information and access the internet is changing. Therefore, marketers are going to have to use the same technologies and revolutionize their methods to keep themselves relevant.

Voice Search Commands

When voice search was introduced in 2018, it was a tremendous hit. Some analysts believe that by 2020, more than 50% of online traffic will come from voice searches. Computers are becoming more adept at understanding human speech thanks to algorithms and machine learning. More websites are adding ways to convert speech to text and vice versa, and many search engines have ways to speak and search.

Influencer Marketing

Even with all the technological shifts in marketing of late, nothing beats having people who vouch for products and services. If you want to beat your competition, it doesn’t matter how much you placate Alexa or algorithms. No, what you need is word of mouth from other customers who are happy with your services and information. Enter influencer marketing! It’s an age-old tactic with a face lift.

In short, influencers can command social media to get other people interested in what you have to offer—and that will keep you ahead of the game.

These marketing trends have gotten bigger and bigger throughout the past couple of years. It is clear that you can anticipate these trends to have a huge influence in the future as well. How are you going to use them to your advantage? Was there any trends that we overlooked?