Will a trombone mute fit a flugelhorn?

Tenor trombone mutes work just fine in most flugelhorns.

What is a trumpet mute?

A mute is a device inserted into the bell of a trumpet to either make the tone produced softer, to change the tone quality, and with the Baroque trumpet, to change the tonality. The most common types of mutes are the straight mute, the cup mute, and the wah-wah mute.

Is it harder to play trumpet with a mute?

It’s usually not difficult to get the notes out, but as Aria wrote, it can be hard to play in tune or with volume. But, usually, a mute is not meant to allow us to play loudly. Most mutes are used to create a sound for a brass section, not for improvised solos.

What is a derby mute?

One of the more spectacular mutes available, the Derby Humes & Berg is kind of like a massive plunger mute. It can be hand held or it has been known to be held on a stand so the player can blow into it at their discretion.

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Should I practice trumpet with a mute?

If you have to play muted on the gig, you should definitely practise muted. You don’t want surprises.

What is a violin mute used for?

A violin mute may be used to dampen the sound made by violin strings. A violin mute is a small device, usually made of wood, leather or rubber, with slots in it spaced to accommodate the strings. A violinist places a mute over the bridge of the violin to dampen the sound made by the strings.

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Cicely Tyson/Spouse

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