Why is Michael not in Underworld: Awakening?

While Michael does briefly appear in Underworld: Awakening, he’s not played by Scott Speedman. Series creator Len Wiseman later explained that after focusing on the Selene/Michael dynamic in the first two movies, part 4 was intended to revolve around Selene and her hybrid daughter.

What happened to Michael Corvin in Underworld: Awakening?

At the end of the fight, Viktor puts Michael in a chokehold and comes close to killing Michael, but Selene interferes to save Michael by using Viktor’s sword to slice his head in half, killing him.

What are the reviews for Underworld Awakening?

Underworld: Awakening received mostly negative reviews, with review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes giving the film a “rotten” rating of 26%, with a consensus stating “There’s more vapid action and less story in Underworld Awakening than previous installments, making the whole affair feel inconsequential”.

Is there a new Underworld movie coming out in 2012?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Underworld: Awakening is a 2012 American action horror film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. It is the fourth installment in the Underworld franchise, with Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as Selene, joined by Theo James, Michael Ealy, and India Eisley.

What happens to Selene and David in the underworld?

Selene is defeated, Eve is captured by the Lycans, and David is mortally wounded during the battle. Selene decides to save Eve, but revives David using her immortal blood, given to her by Alexander Corvinus in Underworld: Evolution .

Will there be another underworld movie after Blood Wars?

It was followed by Underworld: Blood Wars in 2016. A few years after the events of the second film, both the government and the general public have become aware of the existence of the Vampires and Lycans.