Why is Matai Bay closed?

The Department of Conservation-run Maitai Bay Campground has closed each time there has been an outbreak of Covid-19 in New Zealand, and reopened each time it has been stamped out. The campground acts as the pedestrian and vehicle access to the beach – the only other access is through private Māori land.

Can you launch a boat at Matai Bay?

A day use area and boat launching facilities are available. Enjoy diving, snorkelling and swimming at the beach, a short walk away from the campsite.

Where is Matai Bay New Zealand?

Matai Bay is a bay in New Zealand. Matai Bay is situated north of Merita, close to Merita Beach.

How long is Ninety Mile Beach in Northland?

around 55 miles
Ninety Mile Beach History Ninety Mile Beach is actually around 55 miles (88 kilometres) long.

Can you drive on rarawa Beach?

Rarawa Beach is a popular summer location and the majority of patrons will stay in the Department of Conservation camping ground that is located at the southern end. Four wheel drives can be driven onto the sand from the central access point and this allows users easy access to the entire beach.

Does New Zealand have white sand?

Whale Bay. Part of the Tutukaka Coast, Whale Bay is the place to bask at some of New Zealand’s most pristine white sands while you’re immersing yourself in a lush forested scenery. This beach is a good spot for picnics, swimming and snorkelling.

Can you get to Great Exhibition Bay?

Great Exhibition Bay has no public access so we travel across farm land to reach our destination. This beach can be a shell collectors dream with the expectation of what the Pacific Ocean has washed up. Enjoy a relaxed beach day on a very special part of the Northland coast. Also includes a visit to Cape Reinga.

What is the nicest beach in New Zealand?

From north to south, here’s a few of the many, many stunning beaches.

  • Anchor Bay, Tāwharanui Regional Park.
  • Piha Beach, Auckland.
  • Cathedral Cove, The Coromandel.
  • Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty.
  • Wharariki Beach, Nelson Tasman.
  • Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson Tasman.
  • Hokitika Beach, West Coast.
  • Koekohe Beach, Waitaki.

Is there an ocean in New Zealand?

New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean at 41°S 174°E, near the centre of the water hemisphere.

Where is Maitai Bay?

Maitai Bay is located on the outer Karikari Peninsula, on Maitai Bay Road, about 44 km northeast of Kaitaia. From Kaitaia, head north on SH1 until you reach Awanui, then turn right onto SH10. Continue on SH10 for 14.6 km, then turn left onto Inland Road. Continue along Inland Road for 15 km, then turn left onto Maitai Bay Rd and continue for 5 km.

Where is the Maitai Valley motor camp?

Welcome to the Maitai Valley Motor Camp! Located just minutes from the city centre, we offer affordable camping in a bush-like setting with a variety of activities to suit your taste. Take a walk along the river, go mountain biking on the many trails in the surrounding hills, or take a dip in the nearby swimming hole.

What is there to do at Maitai point?

There are many areas of spiritual and cultural significance within the general vicinity of the camp. Of particular significance is the headland on Maitai Point between the two beaches that are accessible from the camp. Access around the rocks is permitted, but local iwi would prefer people stay away from the elevated parts of this point.

How do I get to Rangiputa?

Take a longer walk from Karikari beach to Rangiputa along the coastal marginal strip via the Karikari Bay Track. A day use area and boat launching facilities are available. Enjoy diving, snorkelling and swimming at the beach, a short walk away from the campsite. Note: A rahui is in place so fishing is not permitted.