Why flyjsim 727 Series?

The FlyJSim 727 Series gives you three variants of the aircraft in -100, -200 and -200F forms to give you a flavour of these operations. From small and nimble passenger operations to large and speedy cargo ops. Coupled with a radically different flight deck compared to modern standards, the 727 is an experience you should not miss!

What is flyjsim doing now?

FlyJSim continues to deliver products that are used as examples of what makes X-Plane so great, and for anyone just starting out in X-Plane, I’d highly recommend picking this one up Introducing the FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3, a continuation of our commitment to providing high-quality next-generation simulations for the X-Plane platform.

What is the flyjsim q4xp?

The Q4XP is the next step for FlyJSim. A brand new product line, this aircraft is designed to set multiple new standards for FlyjSim. Every aspect of the Q400 has been re-made from scratch and built with modern techniques to deliver you the ultimate Q400 experience.

What is flyjsim’s Whisperjet?

Aft cabin zone heating system is modeled. Duct overheats and pack trips and resets are modeled. They called it the whisperjet… but the sounds are anything but quiet. Continuing from the success of the 732 Twinjet, FlyJSim has developed an accurate and immersive FMOD sound pack, which provides a fully 3D positional experience.