Why does UC Irvine say Zot Zot Zot?

The comic strip “B.C.” debuted in 1958, a full seven years before the birth of the UC Irvine basketball program. When students chose the Anteaters as the school’s nickname, it was based on the creature from the comic strip. In the cartoon, “Zot” was used to whenever the anteater’s long tongue attacked an ant.

Why do Anteaters say Zot?

“ZOT” is the sound that an anteater makes when attacking its prey, which is why it became the campus official battle chant. Therefore, names of some resources on UCI’s campus or links on UCI’s websites start with “ZOT”, such as “ZOT Account”, “ZOT Link”, “ZOT Portal”, “ZOT Mail”, etc.

How do I read my Zot account?

Your ZOT Account reflects charges billed to you, as well as credits and payments made to your account. Generally, balances are due by the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, your balance will be due on the next business day. To view your ZOT Account, go to https://zotaccount.uci.edu.

Where does Zot Zot Zot come from?

Inspired by Johnny Hart’s comic strip, ”ZOT” the cry that an anteater makes when attacking its prey, became the campus official battle cry afterward as well.

Is Zot a real word?

(slang) To zap, kill, or destroy. (US) The characteristic sound made by an anteater’s tongue or by lightning. (US, slang) An anteater.

What does CR mean on Zot account?

Credit Balances/Refunds In the Current Account view, the “CR” notation next to your Account Balance indicates a credit balance. Since payments/credits may be restricted to paying specific charges, a credit balance does not mean all charges are paid. For example, a Housing-Only payment cannot be applied to a lab charge.

What noise does a giant anteater make?

Giant anteaters rarely make sounds. When they do, it is mostly when they are young; the sound is a high-pitched, shrilly grunt noise. A baby that has fallen off his mother’s back will grunt to its mother to get her attention.

What does Zot mean in a court case?

ZOT means “Zero Tolerance.”