Why do French say Mon Petit Chou?

It’s a sweet name to call your dear one. The literal translation is “my little cream puff”. Chou also means cabbage, but contrary to what most people believe the phrase doesn’t come from cabbage but from chou à la crème. So it’s like my little sweety or something cute like that.

What is the meaning of Petit Chou?

1. (= légume) cabbage. mon petit chou sweetheart ⧫ my sweetheart.

Can you say Mon Chou to a girl?

mon choupinou (m) / ma choupinette (f) — this makes the phrase even cuter. mon chouchou (m) / ma chouchoutte (f) — another way to make the name sound cute. mon petit chou (my little cabbage) — can only be said to males or little boys.

Is it mon petit chou or Ma Petite Chou?

“Chou” is the singular and “choux” is the plural, so it’s “mon petit chou”.

How do you pronounce Petit Chou?

(pah-tee-suh-REE) a chou is short for a chou à la crème (shoo ah lah KREMM), a cream puff. So when you call your Valentine mon petit chou, it’s like saying “honey”: something sweet and delicious.

Why do the French say my little cabbage?

Little cabbage (French) “Chou” is said to resemble a baby’s or child’s head too. Over the years, many French children have been told that boys were born in cabbages and girls in roses. You can double it too – “chouchou” is a standard translation for “darling”.

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Is mon Petit Chou a term of endearment?

Mon petit chou is a common way to call someone ‘my little cabbage’ which is a common French term of endearment. It also means sweet like bout de chou.

What does mon Petit Cheri?

Translation of “mon petit chéri” in English. Noun. my little darling. my little dear.

What does Mon Petit Cheri?