Why did Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago separate?

Claudine Barretto called out ex-husband Raymart Santiago on Saturday, March 20 over his alleged failure to give financial support for their two children.

Who is Claudine Barretto’s husband?

Raymart Santiagom. 2006–2013
Claudine Barretto/Husband

How old is Raymart?

48 years (July 20, 1973)
Raymart Santiago/Age

Who is the daughter of Claudine Barretto?

Quia Barretto
Sabina Natasha SantiagoSabina Santiago
Claudine Barretto/Daughters

When did Claudine get married?

March 27, 2006 (Raymart Santiago)
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How old is Randy Santiago?

61 years (November 26, 1960)
Randy Santiago/Age

Who was Claudine Longet husband?

Ron Austinm. 1985
Andy Williamsm. 1961–1975
Claudine Longet/Husband

What happened to Andy Williams son?

He drowned in Costa Rica in July 2019. Christian is survived by his mother Claudine, his brother Bobby, his sister Noelle, his daughters Rachelle and Sarah, his stepbrother Luke Austin, and his stepfather, Ronald Austin. Christian Williams was the elder son of singer Andy Williams and Claudine Longet.

Why is Claudine Barretto suing her husband Raymart Santiago?

MANILA — Actress Claudine Barretto is suing her estranged husband, actor Raymart Santiago, over his alleged lack of child support for their two children, according to the actress’ lawyer.

What is the complaint filed against Santiago Barretto?

Barretto filed a complaint against Santiago for “economic abuse” and alleged violation of Violence Against Women and their Children Act o Republic Act 9262, PEP.ph reported, citing the actress’ legal counsel Ferdinand Topacio.

What is rayraymart’s situation with Claudine?

Raymart is currently engaged in a court battle with Claudine. She has accused him of hurting her physically, and has asked the court to issue a protection order against him, which would effectively keep him away from her and their children.

Does Raymart really give 14K a month to Sabina and Santino?

Raymart, who was supposed to provide 100,000 a month for their two children Sabina and Santino as agreed upon by him and Claudine, allegedly only gives 14,000 a month. “ Hindi nagbibigay ng sustento si Raymart.