Why buy from 10001000bulbs?

1000Bulbs.com strives to provide a superior customer service experience while providing affordable, commercial grade products. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of purchase and determined by product weight and quantity. Heavy and bulky items require special attention and must be shipped separately.

How much does it cost to order aluminum profile from 1000bulbs?

1000bulbs.com UNSATISFACTORY AND… I ordered “KLUS” aluminum profile, the order total was about $1700. The shipping for the order was $750. and there was ZERO packing material in the box. Aluminum profile banging around in a box together causes scratches and scuffs.

How many employees does 1000 bulbs have?

Beginning with only two employees, the company now employs more than 200 people. At 1000Bulbs.com, customers are our highest priority, and the unwavering commitment we have toward them is evident in our customer testimonials.

Are the ballasts sold by 1000bulbs first quality?

All of the ballasts sold by 1000Bulbs.com are first quality products. All ballasts are pre-tested and ready for customer application. Ballasts are rarely defective when they arrive to the end user’s location. Most ballasts reported as defective prove in factory testing to be faulty due to improper installation.

What is Staraya Russa?

Staraya Russa is a spa, celebrated for its mineral springs used for baths, drinking, and inhalations; medicinal silt mud of Lakes Verkhneye and Sredneye and mud from artificial reservoirs.


What is the return policy for 1000 bulbs?

All returns must be in the original packaging in as-new condition with the return shipping prepaid by the customer. 1000Bulbs.com reserves the right to impose a restocking fee on all returns including, but not limited to, unauthorized and/or unusual returns. Shipping costs are not refundable.