Who won Sytycd Season 5?

Jeanine Mason
So You Think You Can Dance US Season 5/Winners

Who won Season 6 Sytycd?

Russell Ferguson
So You Think You Can Dance US Season 6/Winners

When was Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance?

Jeanine Mason was crowned America’s Favorite Dancer on August 6, 2009, making her the second female to win the show….So You Think You Can Dance (American season 5)

So You Think You Can Dance
Original release May 21 – August 6, 2009
Season chronology

Who did tWitch lose to on Sytycd?

Stephen “tWitch” Boss (born September 29, 1982) is a Hip-Hop dancer. He competed during the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance and was Runner-Up behind Joshua Allen.

Who wrote the song Love Lockdown?

“Love Lockdown” is a song by American hip-hop artist and record producer Kanye West. It was released on September 18, 2008 as the lead single of his fourth studio album 808s & Heartbreak. The track was written by West who co-produced it with Jeff Bhasker.

What genre is Love Lockdown by Kanye West?

Prior to its release as a single, West premiered “Love Lockdown” with a performance at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. As a pop song that retains influence of synthpop, “Love Lockdown” features auto-tune vocals sung by West.

What are the stems on Love Lockdown?

On September 25, 2008, West posted six stems for the song to his blog, each featuring isolated song portions of “Love Lockdown”, and the stems were used to enable fans to remix the song. The stems included an a cappella, distorted vocals, the piano, and the outro synth -beat.

What is the chorus of the song Lock Your Love down?

The chorus is led by “thundering” tribal taiko drums, while it also contains hand claps and “a stampede” of percussion that Gibi Zé Bruno, Lula Almeida, and Rodney Dassis contributed. West uses the chorus to sing his exhortion to “keep your love locked down”, representing a man leaving a love interest for protection of his heart.