Who was the son of Begum Hazrat Mahal?

Birjis Qadr
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She became a Begum after being accepted as a royal concubine of the King of Awadh, the last Tajdaar-e-Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah; became his junior wife and the title ‘Hazrat Mahal’ was bestowed on her after the birth of their son, Birjis Qadr.

Who are the parents of Begum Hazrat Mahal?

Begum Hazrat Mahal’s maiden name was Muhammadi Khanum, and she was born in Faizabad. Her father was a slave called Umber owned by a Ghulam Hossein Ali Khan. Her mother was a Muslim mistress of Umber. A courtesan by profession, Muhammadi was taken into the royal harem after being sold by her parents.

Where was Begum Hazrat Mahal from?

Faizabad, India
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What was the real name of Begum Hazrat?

Muhammadi Khanum
Begum Hazrat Mahal was one of the few women who challenged the British during the revolt of 1857. Her maiden name was Muhammadi Khanum. She was born at Faizabad, Awadh.

Who was the mother of Birjis Qadr?

Begum Hazrat Mahal
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Is Begum Hazrat Mahal freedom fighter?

Begum Hazrat Mahal, or ‘Begum of Awadh’, was one of India’s first female freedom fighters, leading the battle in the First Indian War of Independence in 1857. Begum Hazrat Mahal, or ‘Begum of Awadh’, was one of India’s first female freedom fighters.

Which famous leader belonged to Awadh?

In the Awadh region, Maulavi Ahmadullah Shah was known as the ‘Lighthouse of Rebellion’. Hailing from a noble warrior family of Awadh in Faizabad, he grew up to be a political leader committed to armed revolutionary insurrection against British rule in India.

Who was Nawab Shuja Ud Daula?

Jan 19, 1732 – Jan 26, 1775 Shuja-ud-Daulah was the Subedar and Nawab of Oudh and the Vizier of Delhi from 5 October 1754 to 26 January 1775.

What was the early life of Begum Hazrat Mahal?

Early life Begum Hazrat Mahal’s name was Muhammedi Khanum, and she was born in Faizabad, Awadh, India. She was sold by her parents, and became a courtesan by profession. She entered the royal harem as a khawasin after having been sold to Royal agents, where she was promoted to a pari, and was known as Mahak Pari.

What is the history of Hazrat Mahal?

After being accepted as a mistress of the King of Awadh, she was promoted and given the title of a begum. Later, the title ‘Hazrat Mahal’ was bestowed upon her after the birth of her son, Birjis Qadra. She was a junior wife of the last Tajdaar-e-Awadh, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.

Why did Begum Hazrat Mahal call meetings to encourage soldiers?

Begum Hazrat Mahal often called meetings to encourage soldiers, asking them to be brave and fight for the cause. She wrote letters of instruction for the movement and is reported to have appeared on the battlefield on February 25, 1858, mounted on an elephant.

What is Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship for meritorious girls?

The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India has started the Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship for Meritorious Girls belonging to minority communities in India. This scholarship is implemented through the Maulana Azad Education Foundation.