Who plays Trish on Parks and Rec?

April Eden
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Is the chair model Miss Pawnee?

For those who don’t know the name off the tops of their heads, on Wednesday Netflix tweeted a side-by-side comparison revealing Eden played both Michael Scott’s chair model crush and Miss Pawnee 2009. Eden first appeared in a 2008 episode of The Office titled “Chair Model” (Season 4, Episode 14).

Was the chair model really dead?

Season 4. In the episode “Chair Model”, Michael becomes enamored of a chair model in an office supply catalog. Dwight does some research and finds out that her name is Deborah Shoshlefski, and that she died in a car accident.

Is Jan the chair model?

In the episode, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) finds himself lonely and wanting a relationship after breaking up with Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin). While looking through an office-supplies catalog, he falls in love with a chair model.

Who plays Jessica Wicks on Parks and Rec?

Susan Yeagley
Parks and Recreation (TV Series 2009–2015) – Susan Yeagley as Jessica Wicks – IMDb.

Who won Miss Pawnee?

Trish Ianetta
Trish Ianetta is a beauty pageant competitor and winner of Miss Pawnee ’09. She has been called by Tom Haverford, “Amanda Bynes without the puffy cheeks”. Trish however is known to not be that intelligent.

Who is Deborah Shoshlefski in the office?

“The Office” Chair Model (TV Episode 2008) – April Eden as Deborah Shoshlefski – IMDb.

Who wins the Pawnee Beauty Pageant 2009?

Known Past Winners

Year Name
2010 Amber Broxton
2009 Trish Ianetta
2008 Shannon O’Neil
2007 Amanda Milfred

Why did Debbie Brown get fired?

Debbie Brown was a paper mill employee, wrongfully fired for failing to detect a product defect.

What episode Meredith gets rabies?

Fun Run
After being taken to the hospital, Meredith is found to have possibly been exposed to rabies. In an attempt to make amends with Meredith, Michael sponsors a fun run for rabies….Fun Run.

“Fun Run”
The Office episodes
Episode nos. Season 4 Episodes 1/2
Directed by Greg Daniels
Written by Greg Daniels

Who is Deborah in The Office?