Who makes Voodoo camshafts?

Unless you’re a witch doctor, choosing the correct camshaft can be a nightmare. Voodoo by Lunati is the answer! The gurus at Lunati have taken camshaft design to another dimension with profiles never before used on flat tappet cams.

Where are Lunati camshafts made?

the USA
Lunati also offers a complete line of precision manufactured, made in the USA, valvetrain components, including lifters, valve springs and accessories, pushrods and rocker arms. For more information about Lunati Voodoo Cams or valvetrain components, call 662-892-1500, or visit us at www.lunatipower.com.

Did Comp Cams buy Lunati?

Comp Cams, the company, owns no part of Lunati.

Who owns lunati Cam?

Joe Lunati is an American drag racer and businessman. He won three National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) national titles and went on to establish the cam-grinding company, Lunati Cams, now a division of Holley.

Where is lunati located?

Company Description: Lunati LLC is located in Olive Branch, MS, United States and is part of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry. Lunati LLC has 25 total employees across all of its locations and generates $4.00 million in sales (USD).

Does Edelbrock own lunati?

The COMP Performance Group includes several automotive brands such as COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology), Racing Head Service (RHS), ZEX Nitrous Oxide, Inglese Induction Systems, Lunati and Crane Cams. …

How do you identify an unknown camshaft?

How to Identify a Camshaft by Number

  1. Find the model prefix. The model prefix is the first part of the camshaft number, and it describes the vehicle that the camshaft is meant for.
  2. Find the profile or grind number.
  3. Find the exhaust number and add it to the end of the list of numbers.

Why choose a Lunati Voodoo Cam?

Voodoo Cams cover more applications than any other series currently offered: normally aspirated, fuel injected, RV/towing, marine, 4×4, off-road, street rod, muscle car, touring, and fuel economy. Voodoo designs are so advanced that Lunati camshafts could now be considered years ahead of the competition!

Will a Lunati Cam make more power than a regular Cam?

Having run, and dynoing both cams in similar engines. The Lunati listed will make slightly more power, and have a slightly wider power band. Probably not enough to notice in you seat, but maybe. Although if memory serves, the Lunati had a little better vacuum also, which is good on the street.

Does the Voodoo Cam make more hp than the Xtreme Cam?

I bought 3 cams from them and all 3 got wiped out after 30 miles? put a crane cam in and no problems for 7 yrs now. UDHarold on the chevelle site claims the voodoo cam made 20 more Hp than the Xtreme cam and he also claims that he has slowed down their closing rate which takes care of the valve train noise?

What is launchlunati Voodoo?

Lunati Voodoo incorporates thirty years of cam design experience with more recent developments in profiles, geometry, and tolerances to deliver the most aggressive ramp profiles ever utilized in hydraulic flat tappet cams.