Who is the owner of Rohan Builders Pune?

Suhas Lunkad – Owner – Rohan Builders Pvt Ltd | LinkedIn.

Who is Rohan group?

Engage Brands operates under the Rohan Group of Companies, owned by real estate investor and restaurant operator Jay Pandya. …

What does Rohan Group own?

The Rohan Group of Companies operates multiple franchised restaurant concepts and is a franchisee of brands including Pizza Hut and Checker’s & Rally’s.

Who does engage brands own?

Engage brands operates multiple franchised restaurant concepts, including Pizza Hut and Checkers & Rally’s. “We are very pleased to partner with Engage Brands as we embark on our next chapter of growth,” said Eric Wyatt, chief executive officer of Boston Market.

Who owns Boston Chicken?

Engage Brands, LLC
Boston Market/Parent organizations

Who created Boston Market?

Arthur Cores
Boston Market/Founders

Who bought Boston Market?

Jay Pandya, who purchased Boston Market last spring from Sun Capital Partners, is currently on pace to open two of the rotisserie chicken restaurants each week.

What was the old name for Boston Market?

Boston Chicken
Boston Market Corporation, known as Boston Chicken until 1995, is an American fast casual restaurant chain headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

Why Rohan group?

From a family-owned business to a corporation that ventures into real-estate, industrial solutions, Agrotech and renewable energy solution, Rohan Group has grown leaps and bounds, becoming a reckoned name in the real estate and Infrastructure sector of India. Rohan encourages intrapreneurship, with leadership through innovation and accountability.

Why choose Rohan Lehar Phase 3?

Rohan Lehar Phase 3 is an imminent plan of the residential segment in Baner of Pune. This project is a proposed package of numerous unfolding features and advantages of the coming time span. Rohan Builders has been effectively implementing to develop distinct residential depictions in the serene sub-locations of the city.

Why choose the errohan group?

Rohan Group continues to partner with eminent corporates across various sectors like Engineering, F&B, Oil & Chemical, Warehousing, Steel, Healthcare and Automobile. The industry knows us as seasoned contractors, engineers and constructors of large industrial complexes.

Why invest in Pune real estate?

Pune city is the capital of numerous IT and automotive industries spanning in millions of square feet land area in divergent sub-locations in the real time. Real estate seems favorable in terms of transformed residential and other segments of developments. The project is circumscribed of numerous essentials of a lifestyle living in future.