Who is the kid at the end of Mass Effect 3?

The ghost boy he sees after the Crucible’s activation is actually an illusion the reaper’s are creating into Shepard’s mind (after reading his memories). Using the symbol of his fragility to make him act on their behalf.

Why does Shepard keep seeing a kid?

He’s an embodiment of PTSD that Shepard has when dealing with the stress of trying to save the universe, and all of the lives that are lost in the process. Before the boy died, he seems to be simply a kid in need of help as Earth was under attack that Shepard became attached to.

What does the Kid symbolize in Mass Effect 3?

The kid in Mass Effect 3 is a symbol for Shepard’s trauma, but its connection to the Catalyst is only explained by a strong fan theory. At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard will happen upon a young, nameless boy playing by himself.

Why didn’t Shepard notice the boy in Mass Effect 3?

No characters besides Commander Shepard seem to notice the boy at the beginning of the game when he’s still alive, including the soldiers helping civilians onto shuttles. And at the end of Mass Effect 3, Shepard doesn’t question why Catalyst personifies itself as the boy in a spectral form.

Is Mass Effect 3 a space RPG?

Mass Effect was a space RPG about killing a flying robot god – a Reaper. Mass Effect 2 was about stopping one from being built. In Mass Effect 3, they’ve warped in from darkspace in their hundreds.

Is the indoctrination theory better than the Canon Mass Effect 3 endings?

However, the Indoctrination Theory has so much evidence that some feel it makes more sense than any of the canon Mass Effect 3 endings . Fans will know that one of the most threatening powers Reapers have is the ability to control minds, but hosts don’t need to be near a real Reaper for this to happen.