Who is Pentti Sammallahti?

Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti was featured in a recent edition of The Economist. The magazine writes of Mr. Sammallahti’s artworks: “For [Sammallahti] making prints is part of his art. The frog peers from a silver-gelatine image taken from a black-and-white negative, one of his preferred techniques, but he experiments ceaselessly.”

When did Sammallahti start taking pictures?

After visiting the exhibition The Family of Man at the Helsinki Art Hall (1961) Sammallahti made his first photographs at age eleven. Pentti joined the Helsinki Camera Club in 1964.

Who is Pankhurst Sammallahti?

Pentti joined the Helsinki Camera Club in 1964. His first solo exhibition was in 1971. Sammallahti has travelled widely as a photographer, from his native Scandinavia, across the Soviet Republics through Siberia, to Japan, India, Nepal, Morocco, Turkey, across Europe and Great Britain, and even to South Africa.