Who got highest marks in PUC 2020?

Karnataka 2nd PUC Results State Toppers List 2020 : Science Stream 1st Toppers : Abhijna Rao – Vidyodaya PU College Udupi (596 Marks) Prerana M N – Vidyamandir PU College Malleshwaram, Bangalore (596 Marks)

How is 2nd PUC scored?

Here are few Karnataka 2nd PUC Preparation tips students can follow to chalk out their study strategy:

  1. Make notes for each subject.
  2. Have a Proper Strategy to Learn Long Answers.
  3. Take Regular Breaks.
  4. Select a Proper Time to Start Preparing for the Board Exams.

How do you get PUC percentage?

To find the percentage of the marks, divide the marks obtained in the examination with the maximum marks and multiply the result by 100.

How many students got 600 600?

2239 students
A total of 2239 students have been awarded full marks of 600/600. As compared to last year, there was a 30% increase in the first-class marks obtained by the students. Also, 195650 students got distinction in the 2nd PUC examination. The direct link to check Karnataka 2nd PUC 2021 result is karresults.nic.in.

Who is the topper of 2nd PUC 2020?

Arts topper Karegouda Dasanagoudra from Indu Independent PU College, Bellary scored 594 marks and Commerce topper, Aravind Srivatsav, Vidyamandir Independent PU college scored 598 marks. While 76% students passed in Science stream, 66% in Commerce stream, Arts saw a dismal performance of only 41% pass percentage.

Who got highest marks in PUC 2019?

The First rank went to Rajath Kashyap who scored 594 marks followed by Divya K with 593 marks….Karnataka 2nd PUC results: Science Topper Merit List.

Name Marks City
Rajath Kashyap 594 Bangalore
Divya K 593 Bangalore
Priya Nayak 593 Bangalore
Raeesa 592 Udupi

How many students got 600 in 2nd PUC?

2,239 students
A total of 2,239 students have scored perfect 600 out of 600 marks. As per Karnataka 2nd PUC result data, 1,47,055 students have been placed in the second division and 68,729 students passed without any division.