Who commentated the 1998 NBA Finals?


Year Network Color commentator(s)
1999 NBC Doug Collins
1998 NBC Doug Collins and Isiah Thomas
1997 NBC Matt Guokas and Bill Walton
1996 NBC Matt Guokas and Bill Walton

How many shots did Michael Jordan take in the finals?

Jordan had 25 game winning shots in his NBA career with plenty of buzzer beaters and highlight dunks to go along. He was 9-18 in the final 24 seconds and 5-11 in the final 10 seconds. In the playoffs he was also a game winning machine, hitting 3 buzzer beaters and going 5-11 on go ahead shots in the last 5 seconds.

How many Mvps does Jordan have?

five MVP Awards
Jordan’s individual accolades and accomplishments include six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, ten scoring titles (both all-time records), five MVP Awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors (joint record), fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections, three All-Star Game …

How much did Michael Jordan scored in the flu game?

Despite that, his iconic performance in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals has to be somewhere near the top of the list. Jordan dropped 38 points in 44 minutes, including the tie-breaking 3-pointer with 25 seconds left, to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 90-88 victory and 3-2 series lead over the Utah Jazz.

What shoes did Jordan wear in 1998 Finals?

Staying true to his team tones, MJ wore the Black/True Red Air Jordan XIII in the 1998 NBA Finals.

What’s the biggest lead in NBA history?

As the final buzzer sounded at FedExForum, fans stood and cheered as the Grizzlies won by the largest margin in NBA history, 152-79 on Thursday night. The 73-point win surpassed a 68-point victory by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Miami Heat on Dec. 17, 1991.

Who won the NBA Finals MVP in 1998?

The Winner of the NBA MVP Award for the 1998–99 season was Karl Malone, Forward for the Utah Jazz. The Winner of the NBA MVP Award for the 1997–98 season was Michael Jordan, Guard for the Chicago Bulls. The Winner of the NBA MVP Award for the 1996–97 season was Karl Malone, Forward for the Utah Jazz.

How many NBA Finals did Michael Jordan win?

Michael Jordan won all six NBA finals he was in with the Bulls. He is a six-time NBA champion (1991-93, 1996-98).

How many times did Michael Jordan retire from the NBA?

The “Michael Jordan Biography” on ESPN ’s website states Michael Jordan retired from the NBA three times. His first retirement came in 1993 after his father was murdered. His second retirement was in 1998 at the end of his contract. His third was in 2003 after playing with the Washington Wizards.

What NBA team does Micheal Jordan own?

Michael Jordan. Michael Jeffrey Jordan is Chairman and majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, which he purchased from BET founder, Robert L. Johnson in 2010. He joined the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets ownership group as a minority owner in June 2006, serving as the team’s Managing Member of Basketball Operations.