Who are the Denarians?

The Order of the Blackened Denarius, whose members are referred to as Denarians or Knights of the Coin, is an organization of fallen angels bound to thirty ancient silver coins, the denarii, [Footnote 1] and seeking to bond with human hosts.

Who whispered to Harry Dresden?

In Ghost Story, Uriel shows Harry Dresden that a Fallen whispered the words “And it was all your fault, Harry” into his ear in the lead up to the final battle in Changes, which took away his freedom of choice.

What do the outsiders call Mac?

Furthermore, in Cold Days, the Outsider He Who Walks Before knew who Mac was, calling him “Watcher”.

Who is thorned Namshiel?

Thorned Namshiel is a powerful and skilled wizard. Among the spells he’s shown are: shooting sickly green lightning, generating gusts of wind, and summoning black, magic-disrupting threads. He also demonstrated the ability to manifest sickly green threads that he can manipulate.

Who is Nicodemus Dresden Files?

The leader of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. One of the most dangerous foes that Harry has ever faced. While most Denarians force their hosts into servitude, Nicodemus is actually in a partnership with his fallen angel.

Who is Uriel in the Dresden Files?

Uriel is a character in the Dresden Files. He is one of the seven archangels, and is described as “Heaven’s spook”. He is also known as the Watchman by Mab. During the events of Small Favor, he gifts Harry Dresden the ability to use soul fire, and offers him to confidence that God is looking out for Michael Carpenter.

What is Demonreach?

Demonreach is the name Harry Dresden gave to an island in Lake Michigan, which Karrin Murphy refers to as Hard Rock. The island first appears in Small Favor.

What happened to Kincaid Dresden Files?

In Small Favor he is gravely injured while defending Ivy from the Denarians. He proved to be a match for several of them, most impressively achieving a killshot on both Denarians restraining Harry Dresden with a single bullet.

What means star born?

Edit. The title Starborn indicates those people who can, by birthright, wield power over the Outsiders.

How long has Marcone had the coin?

Does Marcone have a coin? : r/dresdenfiles.

Which book does Harry Dresden Get mouse?

Mouse is Harry Dresden’s dog. He appears first in Blood Rites.