Which prisons do Serco run?

Full Prison Management

  • HMP Ashfield. HMP Ashfield is a category C adult male facility near Bristol that holds 400 convicted prisoners serving sentences for sexual offences.
  • HMP Doncaster.
  • HMP Kilmarnock.

Who runs the prisons in Australia?

Since 2009, Parklea Correctional Centre has been run by GEO Group Australia, a subsidiary of US prisons contractor, GEO. They’re part of a small, global industry that makes a profit out of locking people up. In Australia, over 18% of inmates are held in privately-run facilities.

Does Australia have privately run prisons?

Private prisons currently operate in five jurisdictions in Australia: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. As elsewhere, they are managed under contract with the governments that own the prisons.

How many prisons do Serco run?

It runs four prisons, a Young Offenders Institution and a Secure Training Centre.

What does Serco do in Australia?

Facilities First is Australia’s leading cleaning, maintenance and facility services management company, owned and operated by Serco. Our dedicated and diverse self-delivered team provides a scalable workforce and service tailored to the unique needs of any facility.

How much do Australian prisoners get paid?

Inmates’ weekly wages range from $24.60 to $70.55. They can spend up to $100 per week on food items and $100 per month on other grocery items, such as clothing and toiletries. The average weekly spend is about $50.

Who owns Long Bay jail?

Corrective Services New South Wales
The complex is located approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south of the Sydney CBD and is contained within a 32-hectare (79-acre) site. The facility is operated by Corrective Services New South Wales, a department administered by the Government of New South Wales.

Who owns Parklea Correctional Centre?

MTC Ventia
Parklea Correctional Centre, a privately managed Australian maximum and minimum security prison for males, is located at Parklea, in the north-western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. The facility is operated by MTC Ventia and has a current capacity for 1,350 inmates.

How many privately run prisons are there?

Jurisdiction 2000 2019
Alaska 1,383 221
Arizona 1,430 8,291
Arkansas 1,540 0
California 4,547 1,134

Which prisons do Sodexo run?

Prisons managed

Name Location Capacity
HMP Bronzefield Surrey 527
HMP Forest Bank City of Salford 1460
HMP Peterborough Peterborough 840 (480 male, 360 female)
HMP Addiewell West Lothian, Scotland 700 to 800 depending on contract

Why choose Serco for Correctional Services?

Serco has been operating correctional services in Australia for almost 15 years. As a prison operator, safety and security is always our first priority. The 1,700-bed state-of-the-art Clarence Correctional Centre, which began operations in 2020, is the largest and most advanced correctional centre in Australia.

Who is Serco and what is it doing in Australia?

Australian governments pay the Serco group tens of millions of dollars every year to manage sensitive public services such as correctional and detention centres, and a range of defence contracts. The UK-based company is even making a bid to run our public housing.

Is Serco the right company to run our public housing?

The UK-based company is even making a bid to run our public housing. However, Serco has come under fire in recent years years due its poor record when it comes to delivering positive outcomes – especially in the context of immigration detention centres and prisons.

When is Serco leaving SqCC?

Serco will capably and professionally exit its contract at SQCC when it expires on 30 June 2019.