Which is the best projector under 10000?

Projectors Under ₹10,000

Projectors Price Available From
Vivibright C80 Projector ₹7,490 Apr, 2019
Egate i6 LED Mini Projector ₹5,999 Oct, 2019
Egate I9 Mircast LED Projector ₹8,990 Feb, 2019
Egate EG i9 Miracast LED HD Portable Projector ₹6,990 Jan, 2019

What is the price for a projector?

The Sony 3LCD[1] 720P projector costs around $900. A mid-range 1080P projector can run $1,000 to $2,000. The Sanyo PLV-1080HD provides good performance for $1,500. High end home theater projectors range from $2,000 to over $10,000.

Is projector worth buying?

Projectors are much more affordable when compared to large-screen high-resolution television sets. You can find yourself a decent HD projector well under $1000. When speaking of televisions, screen sizes are just the starting point for most buyers; additional features drive up the cost significantly.

Which projector is most powerful?

The world’s brightest projector for rental and staging, Barco’s HDQ-2K40 ensures razor-sharp, ultra-bright images, guaranteeing an unequaled event experience on every occasion. Thanks to its 40,000 lumens light output and 2K resolution, the HDQ-2K40 displays stunning images with rich vibrant colors time after time.

Is a projector expensive?

Initial Cost The average cost is going to be somewhere between $200-$500 for one that is good enough, and maybe as high as $1k if you’d like something with 4k. The lumens, or brightness rating of the projector, is also one of the characteristics that drive this number up.

Is a projector harmful?

No, normal projector viewing isn’t dangerous, but if you look directly into the projector light, it will cause some damage. This is because the light that powers your projector emits light at around 6 kW. The screen itself will absorb a good amount of the light that hits it. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Is a 4K TV better than a projector?

Ultra HD resolution is fantastic in larger screen sizes, but many 4K projectors have their own issues. To put it simply, the price of big TVs has fallen sharply and their performance has increased significantly, both at rates far faster than projectors.

Can projector replace TV?

The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your TV with the Projector Yeah, kind of. Actually, it’s very much possible. There’s currently nothing an HDTV can do that a projector can’t. For another thing, TV tuners exist, so you can turn your projector into a broadcast TV type of TV without needing to mirror or connect to an HDTV.