Where is the left planum temporale?

THE PLANUM temporale (PT) is located on the posterosuperior surface of the temporal lobe. This brain region is of particular interest because it evinces the most left-right asymmetry in the human brain (left>right in two thirds of all brains).

What lobe is the Planum temporale located?

superior temporal gyrus
Location. The planum temporale makes up the superior surface of the superior temporal gyrus to the parietal lobe.

What does the Heschl’s gyrus do?

Heschl’s gyrus, also known as transverse temporal gyrus, is the gyrus on the upper surface of the temporal lobe that contains the primary auditory cortex (Brodmann areas 41 and 42).

What is the optical lobe?

The occipital lobes sit at the back of the head and are responsible for visual perception, including colour, form and motion. Damage to the occipital lobe can include: Difficulty with locating objects in environment.

What is Wernicke’s and Broca’s aphasia?

People with Wernicke’s aphasia are often unaware of their spoken mistakes. Another hallmark of this type of aphasia is difficulty understanding speech. The most common type of nonfluent aphasia is Broca’s aphasia (see figure). People with Broca’s aphasia have damage that primarily affects the frontal lobe of the brain.

What is Broca aphasia?

Broca’s aphasia is a non-fluent type. Broca’s aphasia results from damage to a part of the brain called Broca’s area, which is located in the frontal lobe, usually on the left side. It’s one of the parts of the brain responsible for speech and for motor movement.

Where is the planum temporale located in the brain?

Diagram labeling planum temporale in green. The planum temporale is the cortical area just posterior to the auditory cortex ( Heschl’s gyrus) within the Sylvian fissure. It is a triangular region which forms the heart of Wernicke’s area, one of the most important functional areas for language.

How does the planum temporale differ between males and females?

Certain studies have found differences within the planum temporale on a microscopic level, finding greater cell packing density in females, as well as a reduction of micro-structural asymmetry. Females have also been found to display asymmetry in grey matter volume.

Is the planum temporale left or right-handed?

The planum temporale is a highly lateralized brain structure involved with language and with music. Although the planum temporale is found to have an asymmetry in the normal population, having a leftward bias in right-handed individuals, people who possess absolute pitch have an increased leftward asymmetry of the planum temporale.

Is the planum temporale symmetrical in individuals with dyslexia?

There have been reports of decreased asymmetry displayed on the left side of the planum temporale in those that are dominantly left handed. The planum temporale seems to be symmetrical in individuals with dyslexia, which may indicate that their low specialization in the left hemisphere is a cause of their disability.