Where is Clare Calbraith from?

Winsford, United Kingdom
Clare Calbraith/Place of birth

Who is Shep Vera?

Clare Calbraith
Vera (TV Series 2011– ) – Clare Calbraith as Shep, Captain Shepherd, DC Rebecca Shepherd – IMDb.

What part did Clare Calbraith play in Downton?

housemaid Jane Moorsum
Clare Calbraith (born Winsford, Cheshire, 1 January 1974), is a British actress whose recent appearances include roles in the ITV period drama series Downton Abbey as the housemaid Jane Moorsum and the BBC2 drama The Shadow Line.

Where is Shep on Vera?

Shep has disappeared, replaced by Bethany Whelan – a returning supporting cast member from season 2. Kenny and Marcus remain, and as in series 4, have expanded roles. Most significantly, David Leon’s Joe Ashworth has departed. The New Guy is Aiden Healy, a cocky, leather-jacketed transfer from gun crimes.

Who is Jane Moorsum?

Jane Moorsum was a housemaid at Downton Abbey from 1918 until April 1919. She took the spot of Ethel Parks who was forced to resign and was in service until 1919. She was easily hired and her mother took care of Freddie if she should need it while she is working.

Why did Jason Durr leave heartbeat?

He was told in November his bosses were unable to insure him to appear on the programme any longer after he suffered a second stroke over the summer. Durr’s personal life has also been more eventful than the average Heartbeat storyline. Last year he split up from his wife of five years Jeanine and they have divorced.

Is DS Aiden Healy married?

He trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He is married to fellow actress Caroline Carver who is known for her parts in The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999), The Aryan Couple (2004), and My First Wedding (2006).

Does Joe leave Vera?

Vera recently returned at the end of last month, but Joe Ashworth (played by David Leon) is once again absent from the series. Starring in the first four seasons of the show, Joe proved to be an initial fan-favourite but sadly star Leon made the decision to leave the ITV series.

How did Joe leave Vera?

David made his first appearance on Vera as Joe Ashworth back in 2011. He quickly became DCI Vera Stanhope’s – portrayed by Brenda Blethyn – right-hand man. However, Joe moved away following the actor’s decision to leave the series. His character was finally promoted, which resulted in his departure in 2014.

Who is Clare Calbraith and where is she from?

Clare Calbraith was born in Cheshire to mother Val. She has two sisters and a brother. After studying Law, she went to drama school in Cardiff. Her first major role was in Heartbeat from 2000-2002 and her recent appearances include roles in the ITV period drama series Homefires, Downton Abbey and the BBC2 drama The Shadow Line.

Is Clare Calbraith dating boyfriend Nick horn?

Clare Calbraith poses for a photo with her tattoo artist boyfriend Nick Horn on New Year 2019 (Photo: Instagram) As of now, the lovebirds maintain a buttery smooth relationship with each other.

Who is Calbraith Hargreeves?

Calbraith debuted through drama Casualty as Tanya Hardie. She acted in Black Cab. Her breakthrough role came in series Heartbeat. It was produced by DR Tricia Summerbee, it lasted for only two years. The drama opened her ample of opportunities in the industry.

What was Clare Calbraith’s first movie?

The English actress Clare Calbraith has a long list of movies and TV shows in her discography. However, she got her first breakthrough for her role as Dr. Tricia Summerbee in Heartbeat (2000-2002).