Where can I find free Tumblr themes?

The official Tumblr themes directory has the biggest collection of free themes available for the platform. The directory is also quite easy to browse. You can search for designs, narrow results based on types of themes, and install themes on your blog directly through the platform.

What is the best Tumblr theme for a portfolio website?

Eclipse is a fullscreen Tumblr theme featuring a grid-based post layout. This theme is perfect for making a professional portfolio website for a creative artist, photographer, or a designer. The theme is fully responsive and can be customized to change colors and fonts as well.

What are the best Tumblr themes for photographers?

Themes like Sugar, Effector Theme are the best options. Yuki is a grid-based Tumblr theme designed for photographers and people who love photography in general. You can use the theme to create a home page filled with photographs thumbnails. A user can come in and click on one such photo to know more about it.

What is impimpulse Tumblr theme?

Impulse is a three-column Tumblr theme designed for Writers, Photographers, and people in need of an online portfolio. You will get a responsive layout with the theme, and support for infinite scrolling. Also, you will be getting plenty of theme options to help you customize most of the things.

How do I change the default theme on Tumblr?

Here’s how you can change your default theme into a different theme from the Tumblr themes directory. Step 1: Click on the Account icon on the top-right corner. Step 2: Select Edit Appearance. Step 4: Click on Browse Themes. Step 5: Find a theme you like from the directory.

What is the best Tumblr theme for my portfolio?

Wave is our insanely customizable premium theme for Tumblr. With a ton of options, you can select a single column or two column layout to best suit your content. Elevator is a flossy portfolio that allows you to highlight your work through a very clean and minimal layout. Equipped with beautiful animations and a lot of customizeable features.

How to improve Tumblr blogs with Tumblr themes?

Improving the experience of Tumblr blogs has become easy with Tumblr themes. Lots of features, designing styles, responsive interface, and much more can be managed by free Tumblr themes. You also have an option to modify and edit them by adjusting the raw HTML codes.

What is the best Tumblr theme for portfolio showcases?

Hipster is a premium looking yet free Tumblr theme with a single column layout. It comes with a static sidebar and it is perfect for many types of blogs. This is an inspiring theme for portfolio showcases. It comes with infinite scrolling and it is also responsive.

What is the best Tumblr theme for a personal blog?

Hipster is a clean and minimal Tumblr theme you can use to make a simple personal blog to share all kinds of blog posts, links, images, and videos in one place. The theme features a customizable header section with a fixed sidebar where you can include a small profile of yourself.

What is sysyndex Tumblr theme?

Syndex is super modern dynamic Tumblr theme with infinite scroll. You can create any type of posts using this theme, including photo, text, quote, link, video, ask and chat. Achieve a smooth and clean design layout with this gorgeous theme by Zen Themes.

What is the best Tumblr theme for single column?

UltraZen is a beautiful single-column theme for Tumblr. It has one of the most straightforward designs you have ever seen. This theme has elegant grid style. You can highlight some posts and make them stand out from the rest. Click on a post to zoom it in.

What is the Tumblr illustfolio theme?

The theme features a customizable header section with a fixed sidebar where you can include a small profile of yourself. Just as the name suggests, Illustfolio is a Tumblr theme made specifically for making portfolio websites for illustrators, artists, and designers.

What is spacespace race Tumblr theme?

Space Race is a unique Tumblr theme that comes with a creative design that features a fixed background with beautiful space illustrations and a starry sky. It also comes with a single-column post layout support for popular widgets. You can make an entertaining blog using this free theme.