When was Gillingham FC founded?

Gillingham F.C./Years founded
Gillingham Football Club, known then as New Brompton FC, were formed at the Napier Arms pub in May 1893, but changed to the current name in time for the 1912/13 season. The share capital was set at £1,500 and a plot of land, subsequently to become known as Priestfield Stadium, was purchased for £600.

What Colour is Gillingham?

Although Gillingham have long been associated with the colours blue and white, the original New Brompton side wore a strip consisting of black and white striped shirts with black shorts.

Which country is Gillingham?

Gillingham, town and port, unitary authority of Medway, geographic and historic county of Kent, southeastern England. It is on the River Medway and is one of the three main communities (along with Chatham and Rochester) that are often called the “Medway Towns.” Gillingham, Kent, England.

When was the last time Gillingham won a trophy?

Honours and achievements Gillingham have won two major honours in English football; first the Football League Fourth Division title in the 1963–64 season and then the Football League Two title in the 2012–13 season.

Which league is Gillingham in?

EFL League One
FA Cup
Gillingham F.C./Leagues

Where do away fans sit at Gillingham?

the Brian Moore Stand
Away fans are mostly housed on one side of the Brian Moore Stand (on the Medway Stand side) where around 1,500 supporters can be accommodated. This stand is of a temporary nature, so be prepared to meet a wall of scaffolding when you walk through the turnstiles.

How did Gillingham get its name?

Gillingham Name Meaning English: habitational name from places in Dorset, Norfolk, and Kent, named Gillingham, ‘homestead (Old English ham) of the people of Gylla’, an unattested Old English personal name.

How old is Gillingham Kent?

History. The name Gillingham is recorded in the Domesday book of 1086. It is said to have been named after a warlord, Gyllingas—from the old English gyllan, meaning “to shout”.

Who owns Gillingham FC?

Paul Damien Phillip Scally
Paul Scally. Paul Damien Phillip Scally (born 1955/1956) is a London-born businessman who has been the chairman of association football club Gillingham since 1995.

What is the capacity of Gillingham football ground?

It has been the home of Gillingham Football Club since the club’s formation in 1893, and was also the temporary home of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club for two seasons during the 1990s….Priestfield Stadium.

Operator Gillingham F.C.
Capacity 11,582
Field size 114 by 75 yards (104.2 m × 68.6 m)
Surface Grass

What is the history of Gillingham’s home kit?

Gillinghams early history saw the team, then known as New Brompton, play in black and white stripes. In 1932 an all blue shirt was adopted, and since then the Gills home kit has typically been blue, often worn with white shorts or trim. The 1980s saw some striking designs, and occasionally black has been combined into the kit.

What is the history of Gillingham FC’s blue and black shirts?

The popular blue and black striped kit was reinstated the following season but was then dropped. To mark 100 years as Gillingham FC, the club introduced a special commemorative kit for the 2012-13 season. A replica of the red and blue shirts worn in 1913-14 were introduced to a mixed reception.

Where does Gillingham Football Club Play?

Current season. Gillingham Football Club is a professional association football club based in the town of Gillingham, Kent, England. The only Kent-based club in the Football League, the “Gills” play their home matches at the Priestfield Stadium.

Where does the name Gillingham come from?

The name Gillingham is recorded in the Domesday book of 1086. It is said to have been named after a warlord, Gyllingas—from the old English gyllan, meaning “to shout”. He was a notable man in Kent history as he led his warriors into battle screaming and shouting. At the time of the Norman Conquest, Gillingham was a small hamlet.