When should Cerastium Tomentosum be planted?

Acclimatise and plant out in spring or autumn. Prefers any well-drained soil in full sun.

Is Cerastium invasive?

Common chickweed is a weedy, invasive plant that grows in open, disturbed locations like gardens, roadsides, and agricultural fields. Field chickweed (Cerastium arvense) has narrower leaves (mostly linear or narrowly lance-shaped) and more conspicuous flowers.

Is Cerastium a perennial?

Snow-in-summer is a perennial flower that gets its common name from its blooming habit….Ground cover for Northern regions along the coast.

Botanical Name Cerastium tomentosum
Plant Type Herbaceous perennial
Mature Size 6-2 in. tall, 9-12 in. wide
Sun Exposure Full sun
Soil Type Dry, sandy, well-draining

Is Cerastium Tomentosum invasive?

Intolerant of the high summer heat and humidity of the deep South. Spreads by runners to fill in areas, but is not considered to be invasive in the hot St. Louis climate where it is less robust than in cooler northern climates. Plants will self-seed in the garden if spent blooms are not removed.

Is Cerastium an evergreen?

Cerastium tomentosum Commonly known as ‘mouse-ear chickweed’ for the distinctive shape of its cloven petals, its evergreen leaves will form a mat of weed suppressing foliage making this an ideal choice for rockeries, dry stone walls or general ground cover.

How do you care for Cerastium?

Plant in an open sunny site in poor soil of low fertility. Suitable for sunny banks, large rock gardens and scree or gravel beds. Cerastium is vigorous spreader, which can become highly invasive to the detriment of all other plants, therefore it is best grown in an area where it can easily be kept in check.

Is cerastium an evergreen?

Snow in summer flower, or Cerastium silver carpet, is an evergreen ground cover that flowers from May to June and grows well in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. The silver, grayish green foliage is a dainty addition to this plant and retains its rich color year-round.

Is snow-in-summer drought tolerant?

Snow-in-summer is easy to grow and drought tolerant, once established. You can plant seeds or make cuttings for snow-in-summer in spring or divide existing plants in spring or fall. Plants should be clipped back to 2 inches or mowed after blooming.

Is Cerastium snow in summer Evergreen?

Commonly known as ‘mouse-ear chickweed’ for the distinctive shape of its cloven petals, its evergreen leaves will form a mat of weed suppressing foliage making this an ideal choice for rockeries, dry stone walls or general ground cover….Key Product Information.

Season Interest Summer
Foliage Colour Green

Do you cut back Cerastium?

The plant grows 6 to 8 inches tall with blooms that rise slightly above the mat-forming foliage. Annual pruning is important to keep this ground cover plant looking its best.

Should I cut back snow in summer?

Because snow-in-summer typically finishes flowering all at once, you can trim back the whole plant at one time. Regular trimming also keeps the foliage compact instead of long and leggy. Snow-in-summer spreads by runners, too, so keep them trimmed to prevent unwanted growth.

How do you grow Cerastium?

It is best to sow Cerastium seeds outdoors in the early spring before the last frost; simply cover the seeds with top soil. They should be planted into an area of the garden that has a moist soil pH of 6 to 7. What is this? Snow in the summer prefers to grow in a partially shaded or a sunny part of the garden.

Can you grow Cerastium in the UK?

Propagate by seed, division or stem tip cuttings. Popular Varieties of Cerastium Grown in the UK A few varieties are available in the UK, including: C. aipinum lanatum (woolly snow in summer) is a slow-growing alpine form with silvery, grey-green, hairy leaves and white flowers on short stems.

Is Cerastium a perennial or an evergreen?

Blooming profusely in late spring and early summer, Cerastium tomentosum (Snow-In-Summer) is a low-growing, short-lived perennial that forms a dense mat of silvery-gray foliage dotted with star-like, pristine white flowers with notched petals. Evergreen, it spreads quickly by reseeding itself and makes a great ground cover for sunny areas.

What is snow in summer Cerastium?

Cerastium tomentosum, known as snow-in-summer, is a short-lived, low-growing, mat-forming perennial which is typically massed in sunny locations as a ground cover. Tufts of narrow, gray-green leaves (each to 1″ long and 1/4″ wide) form a 6” tall foliage mat.

What is the common name of cerastiumtomentosum?

Cerastiumtomentosum Back to Previous Page More Images Common Name: snow-in-summer Type: Herbaceous perennial Family: Caryophyllaceae Native Range: Italy, Sicily Zone: 3 to 7 Height: 0.50 to 1.00 feet